Rep. Christopher Cox

Subcommittee on Energy & Air Quality

House Committee on Energy & Commerce

Hearing on

Comprehensive National Energy Policy

March 5, 2003

Mr. Chairman, I want to begin by commending you for assembling this legislation which I hope will deal with our country’s troubling energy situation. The policy we have had up until now, at least in California, is best described as lights out. And I think we need to do a lot of work to change that. I want to just point out to my colleague, Mr. Markey, how happy I am that the Price-Anderson reauthorization language in this bill includes the Cox-Markey Amendment.

Beginning in the Clinton Administration, the State Department had been giving serious consideration to making U.S. taxpayers liable for nuclear actions in North Korean nuclear facilities. As was first uncovered by the Los Angeles Times, Clinton Administration lawyers were trying to contort the Price-Anderson Act in recovering the costs from Kim Jong-il failed nuclear power plants, which was never intended by this legislation. The Cox-Markey Amendment which has been overwhelmingly adopted in this committee and on the floor on multiple occasions, makes it clear that U.S. taxpayers cannot be held liable for nuclear actions in North Korea or any other government, government of any other country that sponsors terrorism or engages in the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Serial No. 108–7

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