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MacDougal Newspaper

Issue 30, November 20, 1996

Executive Orders by Tom Clancy

Once again, Clancy has produced a best-seller in this latest installment of his epic series focussed on Jack Ryan. In his last novel, Ryan helped to prevent a nuclear conflict between the US and Japan as the US National Security Advisor. He was just being appointed Vice-President, to replace a scandal-ridden VP, when a Japan Airlines flight pulled a kamikaze dive in Washington DC and demolished the President, his Cabinet, and most of the Congress. Hence, Ryan was sworn in as President.

Now, in this most recent novel, Ryan must face the perils of a position of power and responsibility he never wanted, in a world full of people just dying for the chance to take advantage of an innocent man in the White House. Trying to rebuild a government, and attempting to prevent the entire collapse of world order as he knows it, Clancy has Jack Ryan pulling every last rabbit out of the hat. Trouble strings from the Middle East, through Asia, and the US itself; Ryan must face down enemies of all sorts, from disease to diplomacy to guns, like a modern-day messiah, with just a bit too much self-doubt.

Coming in a little short of his typical 1,000 page novels lengthwise, Clancy does not fail to live up to his reputation as the premier author of spy-suspense novels. The adrenaline gets kicking early, and stays at a fever pitch until the last page. Buying this book is almost a guarantee that your work won't be done on time.

The Day After Tomorrow by Alan Folsom

The Nazis are resurrected, and so is the art of the suspense novel, in this gripping first release from Alan Folsom. Released a couple of years ago, I only recently picked it up. After a few sleepless nights, it was on to the next terrorized soul: it is now somewhere in the middle of North America. Spanning from North America to Europe, and across a time span of fity years, the tension builds through to the killer climax. An absolute must-read, but only during vacation time.

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