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Boat Club Pillage York

the MacDougall, March 8, 1995: Issue 18

by Simon Cox and Howard Fienberg

On a cold snowy winter's eve, the Dundee Vikings set out on a long and tortuous journey, the details of which they were completely unaware. After a few messy medical difficulties at the roadside, they arrived in York.

After a minimal amount of sleep, due to Sergio's horrendous earthquake of a snore, the Dundee University Boat Club awoke and were ready for battle. As part of the Jorvik Viking Festival, Dundee were due to do battle in traditional Viking longboats. Following a miraculous transformation in the mini-bus, the Horny Hornless Dudes entered the fray.

The first battle saw them take on Ripon and York St. John, a college of York University. Despite general inexperience, and the lack of a cox, inspirational words from Will Heaney, men's captain, got Dundee pulling hard, and they won by a glorious one and a half lengths.

Before the next heat, the Vikings went foraging. They turned up Norwegian bear, goat cheese, raw meat, and fish soup, plus a little Aqua Vite. Lunch was of a liquid nature, befitting the somewhat damp conditions.

For the second battle, they scrounged up a first-time cox, named Super Cox. Could it be that he could steer them to victory? Not this time, their opponents being a highly experienced and steroid-induced crew from Leeds University; their women rather outweighed the size of Dundee's largest men. A good effort was made, but they lost by 1/3 length.

Dundee bowed out gracefully, declining the opportunity to sack the castle and pillage the town.

DUBC plans to hold an ergo competition on 7 March, and are in training to row the Loch Ness Challenge, and to go onto the Scottish University Championships. For more information, come sample some cask ale at the Hog's Head on Wednesdays at 5pm.

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