Newsline Canada

the MacDougal March 6 1996, Issue 26

February 20 saw the introduction of the two dollar coin bearing a polar bear on the front. The coin, made of an inner golden piece and an outer silver, can sometimes be seperated; this has resulted in the nation demonstrating to the government just how easily it can be done, and the government protesting that it is worthless unless it is whole.

PM Jean Chretien showed his new get-tough policy on Quebec seperatism at a rally last week in Quebec. A protestor who got in his path was grappled into a headlock and beaten, all with only minor exertion on the part of the PM. Te Royal Canadian Mounted Police, responsible for the PM's security, now have this incident to account for as well as the incident last November when Chretien had to fight off a burglar in his home.

February 26 saw the majority of Ontario's publicservice workers head out on strike, in hopes of gaining better bargaining positions with the government of Conservative Mike Harris. He continues to dismantle the social safety net, much to the dismay of special interest groups. This strike follows hard on the heels of the student protest outside Queen's Park which led to anarchy in Parliament and several million dollars worth of damage.

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