Rep. Cliff Stearns

U.S. House of Representatives

Peace in Kosovo

March 1, 2006

Madam Speaker, in the State of the Union, the President focused on the need to not only beat the terrorists on their own soil, but to take the offensive in bringing the hope of political freedom and peaceful change to hopeless lands.

   I recently had the honor of meeting with our soldiers who are serving in Kosovo and are doing just that. I was glad to be able to thank them for their service and to hear their concerns.

   American troops have been keeping the peace in Kosovo, along with our NATO allies, since 1999. We have about 1,700 troops participating in peacekeeping operations in Kosovo, and we must let them know that their service is not forgotten. Their presence brings stability to a troubled region and supports the development of a functioning legal system, the respect for property rights, and the growth of a robust economy.

   These pillars will form the foundation of a free and democratic Kosovo, ensuring that our soldiers and their sacrifices will not be in vain.

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