Four of the Worst Reasons You Want to Remodel or Renovate Your Home

There is nothing wrong with wanting to renovate or remodel your home. But the questions are: Do you need it? Will it add value to your house? Will your home be easy to sell in the future? Is it timely? Do you have the money for it? Is it good for the environment?

Most house remodels happen because of small damage that could have easily been prevented by a concrete repair in Utah or another state. This small damage can lead the homeowner to think that the house needs a renovation or a remodel. From a simple repair and replacement, the homeowner will think that the house is in dire need of refreshing. This is the worst way to think about your residential property. While you may want to make sure that your house is comfortable and that its aesthetics look ready for Architectural Digest, a remodel or renovation is not a simple yes-or-no decision.

You Don’t Have the Money for It

Look at your savings account. On average, a house remodel costs about $50,000. Do you have the money to spare, or are you going to take on a second mortgage? If you are not ready for the expenses, don’t even think about doing it. Just repair the small damage you see to make sure that your house is in perfect condition. Save the remodeling in the future.

You’re Just Trying to Be Trendy

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If there’s a new trend that you want to follow, think about it long and hard first. Will it be a classic? How will it look like five years from now? Can you sell your house with this new trend? If you want to be trendy, save that for furnishing and accents that can easily be replaced.

You Want to Impress Your Neighbors

If there is anything worse than not having the money for a remodel and going with it, this is it: wanting to impress your neighbors. There’s no use impressing your neighbors with the additional square footage or special features in your house. It doesn’t mean anything, and you may not sell the house for the right price anyway. Most homebuyers don’t like buying a property that costs significantly more than the average in the neighborhood. Learn how much the properties in the neighborhood cost, and renovate up to within 10 percent of that number.

Your Renovation Is Bad for the Environment

Remodeling and renovating homes are stressful to the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said that in 2014, there were more than 534 million tons of demolition and construction debris generated in the United States. Before pursuing a renovation or remodeling project, talk with a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) consultant to make the project as environmentally friendly as possible.

Before deciding to remodel or renovate your home, consider the reasons mentioned above first. Unless you have the money and the plans for your remodeled house, you might want to just freshen things up a bit. This is better, more convenient, and more economical than reconstructing your house.