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Ideal Places for New Beginnings

The Magnolia State is not just the state that you always misspell. It is also an ideally located place for you to begin again. Mississippi can be one of the better choices for those wanting to start a new life. Before you direct long-distance movers to Mississippi, you need to establish where you want to be. Here is a list of great places in the state:


As the leading city in the Madison County area, Madison is home to around 25,000 people. Not exactly a small town, nor is it a metropolis. However, it is just right for those who want to put down roots. The average house prices are pretty reasonable, and over 92 percent of the population owns their houses. The place is affordable also when it comes to expenses, and it has all the amenities that every growing family needs. This is why it is a big favorite among those who want to live in Mississippi.

Ocean Springs

Right on the Gulf Coast, this coastal town has recovered from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. This is one of those quintessential small towns that encourage its residents to have a relaxed lifestyle. The mix of quality restaurants and small local shops give it a stable atmosphere. If you want some laid-back living, then this is the place to drop your anchor. It also helps that the income here is higher than other places in the state.


This suburb of the Jackson area is another excellent place in Mississippi to hput down roots. You’ll be safe and secure here, with the third-lowest crime rate in the state. Additionally, if you’re looking for a job, this is the place to be, with an unemployment rate of 4.2 percent. It also has great schools in the area if you have young ones to educate.


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For fans of Elvis Presley, this is the place to be. Known as the birthplace of the King, it also happens to be an excellent place for job opportunities. There are several factories in the area that help fuel the local economy. Plus, it helps that property prices in the town are at an attractive $100,000 average. This should be affordable for anyone who wants to be part of the town’s manufacturing industry.


Ridgeland completes a trifecta with Brandon and Madison, all three of them being around the state capital of Jackson. The fact that they are all prosperous is a big theme among them. For those who can’t afford Madison house prices, Ridgeland can be your next option. It also has many schools, so if you have kids, they will be properly educated.

In the end, Mississippi is a great state that can welcome you with open arms. The places above can provide you a means to get back on your feet and restart your life. For those who want to begin with a clean slate, this is your chance to build yourself up once again. If you need more information, visit other online sources.