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Have You Outgrown Online Dating? Check These Three Signs to See

There are times when finding the love of your life is like finding a diamond in the rough — next to impossible. It can seem like no matter how hard you try to make a relationship work, your efforts will be futile because everyone you meet isn’t the right match or isn’t ready to go all the way.

That isn’t a new problem when it comes to online dating, specifically if you use apps like Tinder or Bumble to meet new people. It’s not the mobile applications or the developers’ fault though, nor is it the fault of people using these apps to achieve what they want.

While you may be dating online to build real relationships, some might just be looking for a quick fix. It’s nobody’s fault that what was once an app that allowed you to meet new people is now just a way to satiate a pang of hunger. The app’s convenience has allowed people to make one-night stands even easier.

If you want to meet people that you can have drinks with and never see again, then use the apps all you want. But if you’re craving for something deeper and more serious, then this might be a sign that you have finally outgrown online dating. It’s normal to want a real relationship with real people.

You might think that there’s no other option besides online dating and you’ve exhausted every possible means, but you should think again. When you’ve lost all hope to find love, it’s time to call in the love experts in matchmaking services. Here are three signs to see if you should say goodbye to online dating:

Sign #1: You Can’t Make Real Connections

The hardest part about meeting people online is that you never know what you’re going to get until you come face to face with them. Although there are people who can be really direct about what they want, some people give off just enough crumbs to keep you hanging on.

This entire “will they, won’t they” can be exhausting, especially if you want to make real connections that can lead to the possibility of a long-term relationship. If you no longer want to meet the wrong people, then this is a sign to forego online dating altogether.

Instead, you can focus on honing a relationship with the people your love expert recommends you. At least this way, you will know that the people you are meeting have the same goals that you have, which is to create a long-term relationship that can begin the rest of your life together.

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Sign #2: You Don’t Have Time to Waste

No relationship begins in the middle, where everything has settled down and you already know each other’s thought processes. To get to that point, you have to start at the beginning, which means countless uneventful dates that can probably just end up being a waste of your time.

That should come as no surprise because finding people online with the same relationship goals as you are rare. It’s not impossible, but it’s rare. This means that before you meet the love of your life, every single date you’ve been on can be a waste of time; time that you don’t have.

If you have a demanding job and lots of responsibilities weighing on your shoulders, dating for love can become even more difficult. However, if you had an expert who can find you potential matches while you’re handling your responsibilities, then you won’t be wasting any time at all.

Sign #3: You Have Trouble Clicking with Others

Sometimes, even lifelong extroverts and self-proclaimed social butterflies have a hard time making it work with people they just don’t click with. Many people will say that sparks aren’t a prerequisite of a good relationship, but isn’t it sad to imagine how your relationship will go if it doesn’t excite you one bit?

Of course, butterflies in the stomach aren’t the only indication that you click with a person you met online, particularly because that can easily fade after the honeymoon period is over. But still, that should at least be something you experience at the beginning of your future relationship.

If you can’t click with people, then you’ll just keep seeing reasons not to move forward with your relationship. However, if you had a love expert that takes your preferences and personality into consideration, then you’ll know that you have the potential to click with the people they set you up with.

Admit it, online dating just isn’t for everybody. It may have worked for you before, but if you’re still using it now, then isn’t that a sign for you to try other methods to find the love of your life? This might even be the answer you’ve been looking for.