Six Things to Remember When You Get Stuck at an Airport

We’ve all been there somehow. We got stuck at an airport either because of flight delays, cancellations, or a long layover. Getting stuck in an airport doesn’t have to be boring or expensive. There are a few fun ways you can make your stay enjoyable. Not to mention, you may even get a few dollars in return.

Not everyone gets stuck at cool airports such as the one in Singapore. There, you can while away the hours trying out different Changi airport restaurants and activities. You can even play your favourite arcade video game while there. You can sleep, try the giant slide and shop like you’re on Rodeo Drive.

But in many cases, you get stuck at an airport where nothing cool is going on. You can choose to watch people pass all day, but the novelty will soon wear out. You can shop all day, too, but you’re going to burn your credit cards. You can eat all the fast food you want, but your weight is going to take a hit. So what can you do that’s inexpensive yet fun?

Take a Walk

You can burn a lot of calories by walking the length of airport terminals. At larger airports, the terminals can equal to a five-kilometre walk. You know all those crepes you devoured in Paris? This is your best chance at burning them.

Return Loose Luggage Carts for Money

Can you believe that you can make money by returning loose luggage carts? Some airports pay people for returning luggage carts to the counter. One traveller said that he made $200 by returning carts. You can now use that money to buy souvenirs and food.


You can exit the airport and visit nearby areas. This is especially exciting if you haven’t been to the country before. You can get that stamp on your passport and explore the surrounding places. Just make sure to get back in time for your flight.

Maximise the Free Wi-Fi

using the free wi-fi

If you have left some work back home, this is your chance to catch up on it. Technically, you’re still on vacation, but it would be nice to answer some emails, too. Maximise the free Wi-Fi at the airport. Connect with friends, or video call with your family. Answer work emails. Post your travel photos. Before you know it, you are being called for boarding.

Spend the Last of Your Foreign Cash

Do you still have some foreign money lying around in your wallet? Don’t change it back to your currency. Spend it at a nice restaurant or buy some souvenirs for your friends. You can also spend it at the airport hotel so that you can get some sleep.

Strike up a Conversation

Talk to people. You’ll be amazed at the kind of stories they have. If the one sitting beside you is waiting for their flight, too, why not share stories and travel experiences with them? It’s a good way to spend the time instead of twiddling your thumbs or screaming at airport personnel.

Travelling is an adventure. Getting stuck at an airport is part of the adventure of travelling. Embrace these little annoying things and make the most out of them. You lose nothing by exploring another place or sampling local cuisine at the airport.