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Also see statements and articles written for Congressmen (2003-2006)

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Howard interviewed in Quirks magazine Feb. 2009

CMOR & MRA Publications (2007 - present):

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Howard's Published Work (pre-2003) (By Subject)

Blood Safety

Book Reviews

Climate Change and Global Warming

Computers, Video Games and the Internet


Economics and Finance



Food & Genetic Modification

Health Care and Medicine


Military Issues and Veterans' Health

National Security and International Affairs

Polling, Public Opinion Research and the Census

Pseudoscience, Alternative Medicine and Urban Legends



Toxic Exposure

Vaccines: MMR, Smallpox, Anthrax


A compendium of Howard's statements/articles written for Congressmen, his academic research papers and articles from university newspapers.

PuckHog, Howard's old hockey blog (2001-2003)

The not-updated-since-the-1990's Scottish Nationalism, Politics and History Page

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