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Ideas You Can Use to Add to Your Old Car’s Value

The second-hand market for cars has always been an active and lucrative one for sellers and buyers. Sellers get to receive a good amount of cash outright, which they can then conveniently bet on their new investment. On the other hand, buyers can snag the lowest deals and be in for a surprise with the quality specifications their budget can afford. They might even be glad they got an economical answer to quit the daily commute.

Sales of used cars soared during the pandemic. This trend was mostly brought about by a fear of coronavirus exposures in public transportation. Due to the uncertain economy, there’s a preference for more affordable choices like used cars. Inflation has eased lately. But the average price of these used cars did reach a 16 percent jump last summer due to a tightened demand partly caused by the interrupted production of new cars months earlier.

Overall, the sale of used cars proves to be beneficial in neutralizing an auto market that runs in a fast-fashion way with new models popping out one after another, depreciating older models. Most people with the experience of using a refurbished car could say having a car that’s been through the rough and a five-digit mileage is not too bad. It could even be one of the best financial decisions they ever made. Truly, it’s all about analyzing how long someone needs a car for and if they’re willing to shoulder an amount that’s stretched out on a set timeline.

If you’re an old car owner that’s looking into selling your tried and trusted buddy to take advantage of a new car dealership, you might be hesitant. You might think that no one would want your old car for the price you demand. Or you don’t want the sale to feel like you’re ripping your buyer off. So here’s how you can spruce up your car to make it sell, not like new but well enough that you and the buyer are in a win-win situation.

Give Your Car the Best First Impression

You might have spent a lot on regularly maintaining that car, whether you had it washed in a shop monthly or did it yourself with the best soap that promises the best wax-like protection. But it wouldn’t hurt to do a massive exterior overhaul, spot the tiniest dent and scratch and have it fixed. You can have it repainted, or better yet, apply a clear bra protection film to your car’s body to make it look flawless before you put it up for sale. Going the extra mile will impress your prospective buyers with how you treat your unit as something so precious no matter the age, the same way they’d treat it when it becomes theirs.

Also, the car’s exterior could only be so good until you also take care of the inside. Have your seats, floor, and mats deep cleaned. Wipe the dashboard, mirror, windshields, control buttons, and gears. Be conscious of any odor remnants, be it cigarettes, food, or your pets. Remove them with a potent air purifier, and install a wholesome-scented air freshener.

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Give Special Attention to the Major Parts

There is no doubt buyers are not sold solely by the face value, which applies to anything, more so to used cars. So make sure the brakes aren’t faulty and the fuel pump doesn’t make a loud noise or stall. Your AC compressor should produce optimal airflow in the car and have a balanced suspension. There are damages, though, that can no longer be repaired. In that case, it is best to be transparent about them when someone inquires. It is for their discernment if they’re willing to take up the implied cost for the deal you offer.

Don’t Neglect the Minor Parts

Aside from the major ones, your car consists of many smaller parts that might require fixing. It’s always wise to assess if you can assume all or only a part of the repair costs. Still, the repair or replacement of these parts, as an unwritten rule, should be done as they’re the most basic ones that make for a safe drive. These can be a battery approaching its end, damaged door latches and window openers, busted headlights and taillights, and windshield wipers. All the rest serve more of an accessory purpose.

The more recent you’ve done the repairs mentioned before selling your unit, the better its valuation. Similarly, having a consistent record of repairs and maintenance, as evidenced by your receipts and service invoices, is also fool-proof ways you can add value to your old car. After repairs and enhancements have been done, it’s best to take it out for another drive and assess its performance from the buyer’s perspective. That way, you wouldn’t have to settle for whatever price tag is slapped onto your car.