Airport Hotels and Why You Should Consider Them

An airport hotel differs from a normal hotel in terms of its location. Airport hotels are usually established within up to five miles from one or more airports. This type of hotel does not have to be connected to an airport—some are—but they must be accessible from an airport. Airport hotels, like some normal hotels—have shuttles that transport customers to and from airports. This benefit is especially convenient for people in a hurry and are not fond of commuting—especially in foreign cities.

What really sets airport hotels apart from normal hotels?

  • Airport hotels cater promotions to airline passengers who have overnight layovers or have canceled flights. Their clients are usually people traveling for business, airline staff, and travelers who like staying near the airport to eliminate the chances of getting stuck in traffic on the way to the airport and consequently missing their flight.
  • Unlike normal hotels, airport hotels charge patrons on an hourly basis instead of charging on a daily or nightly basis. However, the charges you can incur from staying in an airport hotel charging hourly might vary depending on the airport hotel’s service quality.
  • You will not witness the grandiose design you will usually see in normal hotels inside cities. Airport hotels value the convenience they provide to customers. Being located near an airport will not be an ideal location to enjoy hotel amenities. Nevertheless, most airport hotels are soundproof to block off the non-stop sound of aircraft that come and go.

Airport hotels are noticeably smaller than normal hotels. This is because they are within the flight path of aircraft.

The outright philosophy of airport hotels is convenience. Aesthetics are kept minimal to focus on utility and satisfying customers who are staying for the ease of the airport hotel’s services. Having an exceptionally tall building in an area where big commercial and non-commercial aircrafts flying from all directions is not a very safe idea.

What you should know about airport hotels

Now that you know what airport hotels are and what you can and cannot get from the services they provide, you wonder if you should try using them during your next travel. We will give you a few reasons why you should go ahead and book your stay.

hotel with two beds

1. They are affordable

Compared to normal hotels located within cities, airport hotels charge considerably less without sacrificing quality service. You can save on accommodation costs if you opt to stay in an airport hotel when planning to stay in a city for not more than a few days.

Most airport hotels provide breakfast, airport shuttle services, and room amenities you can enjoy. If staying for a few days in an expensive city such as Singapore, booking an airport hotel near Changi airport would be a good idea to save on hotel costs and avoid traffic.

2. They are soundproof

We have mentioned this earlier, but we would like to reiterate because of its importance. Soundproofing is not typical for normal hotels in the cities, albeit the sound emitted by traffic in some cities is unbearable to the point where you cannot find peace during your stay.

In airport hotels, soundproofing is a norm because of how close they are to airports. The noise created by airplanes is enough to shake the roofs of homes surrounding. Surprisingly, airport hotels have the ability to provide you with a good night’s sleep with their soundproofing features.

3. Availability of transportation

Being late for a flight and consequently missing it can be expensive. If you will be flying out during rush hours, it is better to opt to stay in an airport hotel to ensure you will be at the airport in time for your flight. We have told you this—they always have shuttle services that will take you to and from the airport.

4. Stable internet

With people traveling for business being one of airport hotels’ frequent customers, they take pride in providing stable and fast wireless internet connectivity. People traveling for business are often in a hurry and are always communicating with other people.

Worried about not getting the full hotel experience?

Airport hotels are created to make the life of people who travel easier. The airport shuttles, the soundproofing, the reliable wireless connectivity, and the prices are designed to attract people looking for the utmost convenience. If you are worried about not getting the luxury hotel experience, there are airport hotels managed by big-name chains equipped with a tad of the luxury combined with convenience, but not without a price.