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Can Plants Boost Employee Productivity?

Plants can do a lot to an otherwise boring workplace. Aside from improving the air quality inside the office, it also helps change the way they perform their tasks. But how does it work?

Companies spend considerable amounts of money on office designs, with the belief that it can help inspire employees to step up and be more productive. But experts say that design is not the only factor that plays a considerable role in an employee’s professional life.

The influence of plants in a workplace

Studies show that employees who work in green-certified offices experienced a boost in their cognition by at least 26%. Even more, instances of sickness-related absences went down by 30%. 6% of the respondents also experienced an increase in the quality of sleep, too.

Since cities are becoming deprived of any greenery; it only makes sense that having plants do make an impact on an employee’s life. Interestingly, a green office can also help in a person’s ability to focus on their tasks. Experts say that the employees’ ability to perform at work doubled compared to those who are working in conventional settings. Companies shouldn’t ignore this type of improvement, especially when it could lead to more effective performance on all employees.

Going green with indoor plants

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If you’re worried about its maintenance, there are small indoor plants that can be perfect for any settings. Small indoor plants are easy to manage and are resilient at the same time. Trusted interior design companies in Sydney and other places would agree that you can even put most of these plants on your desk. Doing so can help you experience the full benefits.

One plant that you can have in the office is jade. This small plant bears small flowers once it blooms. Like every other indoor plant, it doesn’t require much water when kept inside. The Japanese also call it the money plant because they believe that keeping it inside your home can bring financial success.

Another plant that you can consider is African violet. Although it requires more maintenance compared to other plants, its flowers are perfect. It holds true, especially when you’re working in a small space. Peace lily and Chinese evergreen are also perfect for every office space because of its ability to remove the toxins in the area. They also thrive even in low lighting, which makes it ideal in corner spaces.

English ivy, or often called Hedera helix, is a crawler that also reduces airborne toxins and fecal matter particles from the air. That’s why it’s perfect for areas that lack proper air circulation. Meanwhile, Parlor palm is a small palm tree that’s ideal for creating divisions inside the workplace. This makes it an excellent choice for open-space workplace settings.

A green office layout is open to interpretation. Every company can create their unique design that can suit their existing space. The essential factor is that these plants should be visible to everyone in the office. You can start by reviewing the layout of the area and see which plants will work well on every corner.