Clean Up Your Bachelor Pad Like A Professional

Your bachelor pad should be something to be proud of. If you wake up and see nothing but a cluttered mess every morning, then you have to take action. Living in a messy place can make you feel bad and is very embarrassing when you have guests over. Don’t worry if it feels like a difficult challenge. Here are some tips that should help with that.

Have The Necessary Cleaning Supplies

Before anything else, you should have all the necessary tools and supplies for cleaning. The basics are a broom, a mop, cloth towels, sponges, and scrubbing brushes. All these are affordable and easy to acquire. You probably have several of them already. Besides the tool, cleaning supplies are essential. Detergents are at the top of the mix with cleaning sprays and other substances. It would be best if you also had several trash bags ready for all the garbage you will be throwing away. Since you will be working with harsh materials, you need an eye protector, gloves, and even a breathing mask. The mask is also there to prevent you from inhaling dust.

Focus On One Room First

The cleaning process is pretty simple. Just begin with one room and clean it up. If there is clutter, organize everything or put them by the side. It would be best if you also were sweeping up and clearing the floor. Most bachelor pads have basic flooring, with a few carpets thrown in, so this should be easy. The best place to start is your bedroom. Pick up any clothes on the floor and put them in the laundry hamper. It would be best if you then fixed up your bed. Straighten out the sheets and ensure they are still clean if they aren’t, replace them with a new set while you send the old one to the laundry.

Storage Options Are Important

One of the reasons why everything is a mess in some bachelor pads is that the owner doesn’t have a good place to keep everything. The result is things scattered all over the place. You will have an easier time of things if you have cabinets, storage boxes, and even shelves to put things on. Cabinets and storage boxes are easy to order at any furniture store. Your only concern should be that they are of the right size. It also depends on where you will put them. For example, kitchen cabinets should fit the style of your kitchen and have a matching color. As for shelves, it depends on what type of shelf. Hanging shelves may require you to ask permission from your landlord before making such changes.

Pay Special Attention To The Kitchen And Bathroom

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Two very important parts of your apartment need proper cleaning. One is the kitchen, where you prepare your food, and the other is the bathroom, which can be the dirtiest. Wipe everything down and apply disinfectant in both areas. For the sink and tile areas, you need to apply a cleaning solution and scrub and grime out of them. This will likely be labor-intensive and even require bleach. But the effort is worth it to see them sparkling clean.

If Possible, Get A Vacuum

A vacuum is a great luxury for any owner of a bachelor pad. But it can be expensive, especially with brands like Dyson. If you have the funds, you should get one. Even second-hand, a vacuum can be a big time-saver. Take it to a Dyson vacuum repair expert, and they can have it working as good as new. With a vacuum, there will be less need for sweeping and dusting. You still have to do some, but a powerful vacuum will reach all the right places and remove the dust and debris. Vacuum at least once a week so that the place looks squeaky clean.

Let The Fresh Air In

The final piece to a clean apartment is letting the fresh air in. Every home needs good air quality and, after cleaning, you need to get some fresh air in to give the place a good atmosphere. Open a window and turn on an electric fan to ventilate everything. If a room has no windows, then leave the door open so that the air comes in. Bringing in fresh air is a cleansing experience and also needs to be done regularly.

Owning a clean apartment is a sign of responsibility and discipline. Whether it is your parents dropping by your latest flame, you can show it all off without a twinge of hesitation. Additionally, living in an organized place is better for your mindset. Keep a regular cleaning schedule and follow all the advice above, and you should be able to keep everything looking shiny and dust-free.