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Common Problems Your Road Freight Might Face

Most businesses that deal with goods instead of services are going to have to rely on road freight at some point. If you are thinking of using a shipping company for transporting your goods, you should be aware that there are some common problems that these companies must face. They can manifest at any point during the shipping of the goods, from transport to delivery. Knowing what these are is going to help you plan for risks. It will also help you keep your goods safe during the shipping process. We also discuss some ways you can avoid these problems.

Adverse road conditions

Full-load transport services are best suited to deliver to well-connected areas that are served by large highways. They rely on long vehicles that are capable of hauling hundreds of tons of goods at once. However, problems arise when these highways and roads are not maintained properly. This affects freight because it can significantly slow down traffic. Trucks that run on poorly maintained roads also have to be extra attentive toward maintenance. This is because they tend to get worn out faster and often face problems in areas such as suspension. To avoid getting bogged down by bad roads, always make sure that your fleet is well-serviced.

Poor packaging

This becomes a big problem when transporting fragile goods or when transporting goods over a long distance. They will have to be protected against the jolting that happens when driving on bumpy roads. They will also have to be packaged for maximum efficiency as container space is expensive and should not be wasted. If transporting over long distances, weather tends to play a bigger role in packaging decisions. Make sure that your goods are not damaged by rain or snow in winter, and choose temperature-controlled cargo during the hot summer months.

Delivery lags

Lags in delivery can be devastating for your business. You need to make sure that the shipping company that you have chosen is reliable and timely as it reflects very poorly if customers are waiting for delivery. For the shipping company, a delay in picking up and delivery poses significant problems. The company will have to take responsibility for the safekeeping of the goods and may have to spend on warehousing or a different shipment. It’s best to minimise delivery lags by making sure that there is good communication between the loading dock, shipping company, and final recipient of the goods.

Compliance issues

shipments in loading area

Shipping and freight companies have to comply with many rules and regulations during the transport of goods. Failing to comply with environmental emissions regulations or customs declaration requirements can incur expensive fines for your shipment. This can be avoided by doing proper research and consulting experts.

As evident from these common problems that freight companies face, the final goods to the consumers require a coordinated effort from all sides. The most important factor in the effective management of shipping and freight is clear communication among all parties. When done right, efficient shipping of goods can be a huge boon for your business.