Essential Checklist of Things To Do Before Leaving For Vacation

Vacations are a chance for you to relax and unwind, not worry about what you left back home. All your anxieties should be checked out the door the minute you check into your hotel. For a stress-free vacation, here’s a handy checklist of things you need to remember to do before traveling.

Arrange for pest control or lawn care to come visit.

If you’ve ever needed to have your yard spruced up or for someone to perform termite control, now’s the time to book it. Have your neighbor or trusted friend or family member look over the people doing the job. It’ll make your home look occupied which will deter would-be thieves and it’ll also ensure that your home looks great when you get back.

Consume or throw out any perishable food.

No one wants to return home from vacation to a foul-smelling refrigerator. Before you leave, eat as much produce and perishable items as you have in your kitchen, or throw out ones that have already expired. Avoid buying any more perishable foods a few days before your trip.

Let your credit card company and bank you’re traveling.

Planning to make some big purchases on your trip? Don’t forget to inform your bank and credit card company that you’re traveling so they can prepare for this. It also ensures that, should your credit card get stolen or lost while abroad, you can minimize the damage done.

Leave your pet in safe hands.


Have a trusted friend or family member look after your pet before you leave. If you can’t find anyone who’s available to take your furry friend, you can leave them at a pet hotel for a few nights to have a vacation of their own. Just don’t forget to pack their pets’ things for them too.

Unplug your electronics.

Unplug all your electronics and small appliances. If you need to have an appliance plugged in, such as your refrigerator, make sure to leave it on a timer.

Secure all your valuables.

Dissuade burglars from entering your home by making sure all your valuables aren’t out in the open so that a thief might spot it from your window. Put a towel over or relocate things such as TVs and gaming consoles to a concealed area, and secure all your smaller valuables in a safety deposit box.

Make sure your security system is working.

If you don’t have a security system installed, now’s the time to get it done. A few security cameras, exterior motion-activated lighting, and an alarm system is enough to keep your home safe. If you do have these in place, double-check to see if they’re working properly.

Stop mail and newspaper deliveries.

Call your utility and mail delivery companies to inform them to temporarily stop all deliveries while you’re away. You can also have your neighbor or family member pick them up. A pile of undisturbed mail and newspapers will inform burglars that your home is ripe for the picking.

Leave a copy of your itinerary with a trusted loved one or friend.

In case anything goes wrong during your trip, they’ll know exactly where you were supposed to be and send for help if necessary.

Get the most out of your vacation by making sure that you don’t have to worry about a thing back home while you’re away.