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Filing for Utah’s Social Security Disability Benefits

Are you a resident of Utah who has a disability that restricts your earning capacity? Well, you have a few selections for successfully obtaining disability benefits. The state offers two types of disability benefits that will be discussed further below.

As for work-related injuries or illnesses, the compensation program for Utah’s workers can provide them with long-term disability benefits. Not like other states, Utah does not offer short-term disability benefits to its populace.

Social Security Disability Benefits

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is responsible for administering two types of disability programs: the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

SSDI is available for those who have worked a certain number of years and are also paying Social Security taxes. As for SSI, it is only available for those with low wage earnings or limited financial resources.

When it comes to medical eligibility, SSDI and SSI cater to the same kinds of conditions. The difference depends on whether you can do an extensive amount of work or the “substantial gainful activity” (SGA). The SSA usually requires an earning that amounts to no more than $1,220 per month to be eligible.

After the SSA office has reviewed your application for SSDI or SSI eligibility, they will send it to Utah’s Division of Disability Determination Services or DDS. From there, the eligibility for disability benefits will be assessed and determined. 

Chances of Approval

The process may seem fast and easy, but a lot of residents have actually experienced being denied from acquiring their disability benefits. In Utah, an estimate of 80% of requests are not approved by the SSA. This means that 20% of applicants will be awarded their benefits at the primary stage of their disability application. The applicants who are not awarded with their reconsideration plea must appear before a judge if they wish to continue with their appeal. However, Utah residents often have to wait several months to know the judge’s decision on whether or not the disability case is decided in their favor.

Finding an SSD Attorney

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A lot of Utah’s SSD applicants hope to avoid the time-consuming and intricate appeal process. Thus, to avoid the appeal process, you must be approved for SSD benefits throughout the early stage of the application process. 

However, you should note that this is not always possible for every applicant. The best way to avoid an appeal process is by acquiring the services of a Social Security Disability lawyer. When you opt to hire an attorney, they will work with you and guide you to prepare for your disability application. Your lawyer will always ensure that your application for disability benefits is filled out correctly, completely, and that you have all of the medical requirements to support your rights for disability benefits.

If your claim for benefits is still denied, your SSD lawyer will be there to help you maneuver against the curves and edges of the disability appeal process. Having the guidance of a legal professional can radically increase your chances of winning your appeal with the SSA.

Although there are no laws that prohibit you to represent yourself in your disability appeal, records show that denied cases of appeal are more common with individuals who opted for self-representation than those who have their SSD lawyers heading the process for them. 

It is always better to be sure. With appropriate legal representation and guidance, your chances of successfully winning your disability benefits will improve.