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Questions to Ask When Remodeling a Kitchen

How long have you been in this business? What is our timeline for completion? These are only some of the questions you typically ask a contractor during a kitchen remodeling job in your home. What you and many homeowners are forgetting is the aesthetic part of a remodeling project, which is equally important.

Answering specific questions about the design of your kitchen can be very useful to builders and helpful to designers who will work with you. Often, these questions help prevent mistakes. Here are five questions that you, your designer, and the contractor will address before starting a kitchen remodel in Park City:

What is the function of my kitchen?

The kitchen is for cooking and preparing meals. But there’s more to it. By considering how your kitchen serves you and your family, you will be able to plan the size and functional space that it should have.

For example, you will need a bigger space if you love to cook and entertain guests at the same time. You will need a little nook or workspace if you often use the kitchen as a makeshift office where you handle family budget and plans. You’ll need a window bench with a breakfast nook if you love reading in the kitchen while you cook. It all depends on how you will use your kitchen for other purposes.

Are there any building code requirements to consider?

Yes, there are many, but you have to check with your town, city, or county about these requirements. Building codes vary depending on the area or region where you live.

It’s essential to consider building code requirements to avoid violations should a building inspector comes to your home. It can also help you decide what materials to use and install in your kitchen.

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Is the house going to be sold soon?

Are you going to sell your house or live there for a long time? This is an important question that will determine the extent of the project you plan to have. If you’re selling your house soon, consider whether it will be useful to invest in a major kitchen remodeling project or have repairs here and there.

Where do you want your appliances stored?

Knowing where to put your appliances can give your contractor an idea of how much space should be allotted for other items other than food. You and you’re your designer need to create a plan where to put everything in your kitchen.

What material should be used for your countertops?

Many materials can be used for countertops: quartz, marble, stone, wood, laminate, granite, and more. Knowing what type of material to use should depend on how you will use your countertop and the overall function of your kitchen. For example, granite countertops can quickly dull out knives, marble stains easily, and ceramic tiles can easily crack.

In the end, your answers to these questions will hopefully help your designer and contractor to create and build a kitchen that suits your lifestyle and needs.