Fun Things to Put up on Your Wall

Fun Things to Put up on Your Wall

Walls are an essential part of your home. They serve many purposes. If you’re trying to think of something cooler than a painting or bookshelf to put up on your wall, here are a few ideas that might spark your interest:

Hooks with a Twist

You can install any kinds of hooks on your wall, and they would look great as long as you focus the attention to them. How do you do that? One way is to keep the walls as bare as possible. If you paint the wall white and keep a large portion of it bare, hang some hooks on it using some concrete wall anchors. But play with the way you hang your hooks. You can hang each one like scissors or align them properly but with large spaces between them.

You can even use uncommon hooks such as those wooden ones shaped like door stoppers. You can also hang J-shaped hooks for a funky vibe. Use your imagination on this one because there is an endless supply of hooks that you can use to make your concrete wall a lot cooler.

Floor-to-ceiling Chalkboard

Installing a chalkboard on your wall is another cool way to spruce up your home. It could even bring out the child in you, when you remember the times you spent writing on your school’s chalkboard.

But instead of installing a normal-sized chalkboard, try putting up a huge one that can reach the floor and ceiling. Having a huge chalkboard is a lot cooler than a regular-sized one because you can doodle to your heart’s content. If you have a child, they can draw whatever they want without you worrying that they might ruin the wallpaper.



It’s unusual to install candleholders on your wall, which is why you should do it. Look for metal candleholders—preferably black—and use your concrete wall anchors to attach them to your wall. Make sure that the wall behind the candleholders is bare. There should not be flammable items behind your candles. Also, make sure that the wall is painted with a solid colour. This way, when you light up your candles, the focus will be on them.

Wire Grid

Installing a wire storage grid on your wall is a great idea if you frequently think of new things to put up on your wall. If for this month you want to put up potted plants on your wall, just attach a ledge on the wire grid to hold your pot upright. The following month, you can put away the potted plants and put up some figurines.

A wire storage grid will provide you endless ideas on what to put up on your wall. If you’re the type of person who likes to change the look of her wall every month or every week, then the wire storage grid is your perfect accessory.

With a little bit of imagination and a lot of resourcefulness, you can decorate your concrete wall in endless ways. All you need is a few concrete wall anchors, and you’re ready to create a masterpiece on your wall.