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GET OR FORGET: A Mom’s Birthday Supplier Guide

Your kid’s birthday party is one of those events that they will remember deeply. Unless, of course, your kid is too young to recall that special moment.

Unlike before, there are other options now that will serve as an alternative to throwing a birthday party. It could be an expensive gadget or a concert ticket. So, if you’re wondering if organizing a party is worth the hassle, remember that it is always a good idea to celebrate. Inviting your kid’s favorite people in a gathering is a great source of fun childhood memories.

As they say, memories are priceless. When they grow older, they will surely carry a series of anecdotes taken from that event. From the sibling who hid everyone’s balloons in the bedroom up to the friend who ate too much ice cream, there are endless reasons to laugh about

Organizing your child’s party is as easy as online shopping. In a matter of clicks, you can reach out to the tried and tested suppliers—from ordering custom made cakes online to contact the city’s best magician. Remember: it doesn’t have to be grand for it to be unforgettable.

In addition to the numerous online tips on how to throw a successful birthday party, here is one list that tells you which suppliers you should get and which ones you can forget for a convenient birthday celebration.


Decorating your backyard can be an exciting task with all the available party decors online.

However, you’ll still need to provide the right number of tables and chairs for your guests’ comfort. Choose a supplier who can provide a set that will match the party’s theme. You might get to rent other party supplies for less.

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Unless the party involves more than a hundred guests, you can do away without having a coordinator. Choose professional suppliers who have good reviews. Rest assured that they will arrive on time to perform their tasks without you constantly worrying if every aspect of the party is going well— you can already do that as a Mom.


If you want to witness and participate in the party, get a host who has many experiences in hosting children’s birthday parties. There are hosts who entertain kids by showing them magic tricks or doing puppet shows. Ask your kid’s preference in this matter.


Trust that your adult guests will not attend the party for the sake of souvenirs. Focus on your kid’s friends. A souvenir does not have to be expensive. You can provide a goody bag for each one of them. This is something you can easily prepare beforehand. You can be a mindful mom by choosing an eco-bag instead of plastic and educational items instead of lollies. Handing them out is easy. Plus, it will give you the chance to thank your little guests.


The most difficult part of preparing for a party is cooking. Even if you got everything readied before the start of the event, you’d still end up getting busy in the kitchen. Surely, you don’t want to miss the memorable parts.

You might be a kitchen goddess, but you don’t have to do all the work. You can still include your culinary specialties by providing one to two dishes, but for the rest, you can contact your favorite caterer, restaurant, or fast food to provide the food for the event.

A DIY birthday party involves knowing when to get help from suppliers. It will not lessen your credibility as the ultimate birthday planner.