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Get Rid of Unwanted Guests: How Pests Can Affect the Health

Don’t ignore pests in the house. They have long-lasting effects not only on the house itself, but also the people living there. Having said that, it’s important to call an exterminator company in your Virginia Beach location to address it as soon as you suspect there’s an infestation. Don’t just call a so-so company. Contact quality pest control. Here are some of the effects that pests have on any home:

Why You Should Call an Exterminator

Pests can affect the health of humans. Some are carriers of certain allergens, and this is harmful to people with allergies and respiratory conditions. Aside from that, the fecal droppings of some pests can cause air contamination. Those that shed skin is also a cause for alarm.

The most common household pests are ants, mosquitoes, rodents, fleas, rats, and cockroaches. These carry infectious diseases, so getting rid of them the moment there’s a sign is helpful. Some of the health conditions that pests can carry are salmonella and E.Coli from cockroaches, bats, and rodents.

Some can also carry hantavirus and plague as well as other dangerous diseases. On the other hand, mosquitoes are carriers of dengue fever, Zika virus, and West Nile virus. Rats also have rabies and other bacteria. Their urine is dangerous and becomes a source of bacteria. The hard part is that their urine can dry fast so it’s possible that humans and even pets can come in contact with it.

Health Effects and Other Dangers of Pests

dust mite

Dust mites have dander and droppings and these are indoor allergens. Brown recluse and black widow are two kinds of venomous spiders. Their bites are dangerous and may even cause death. Hornets, bees, and wasps can all create allergic reactions in humans and pets.

Aside from dangers in health, there are also other dangers in the presence of pests. For one, mice and rats can break the wiring and insulation of a house. Even squirrels can do these so beware. Some pests will also destroy wooden parts of the home or eat your food from the kitchen. In the garden, pests can harm shoots and buds. It will destroy flowers and seeds or eat fruits from trees. They may take the sap from flowers and hinder the growth of small plants.

How to Maintain Your House After an Extermination

Avoid inviting household pests. Keep the house clean at all times. Sweep the floor, mop it, and disinfect. Prevent any water build-up by patting all surfaces with a dry cloth. Keep your garden clean as well. Lastly, fill up cracks that are entryways for pests. Store your food in proper places so as not to attract all sorts of pests. Also, get rid of spoiled food because these can also attract insects and other pests.

The effects of pests on humans and pets are dangerous. They can make permanent damage so it’s better to call your favorite exterminator today than suffer the consequences. Remember that spending some money is better than putting the lives of you and your family in danger.