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Getting a Much-Needed R&R at Fish Creek

What’s worse than being stuck in the early morning traffic on the way to work? It’s being stuck in traffic and seeing an update of your friend’s vacation on Instagram.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the liberty to book a week-long vacation somewhere in the tropics. Everyone’s reasons vary— from career to finances, family to education. Nevertheless, do not hinder yourself from having a downtime under the sun by limiting yourself without of the country vacation. You can choose to have a staycation in a hotel within the city, or you can drive to the next town for a change in scenery. Sometimes, you only need the weekend off in a place that is almost foreign, almost familiar.

Being around Wisconsin makes you a lucky person. There are many options to choose from, considering the numerous outdoor activities and picturesque nature around. However, if you are looking for an experience, Fish Creek is the place to go. The place continues to attract artists and craftspeople with its quaint village vibe. Like a village from a fairytale, it has crafts shops, workshops, lighthouses, galleries, and theaters—among other things. There are condos in Fish Creek, WI, which will make it easy for you to enjoy the weekend there.

For someone who wants to find peace and explore probable hobbies, you better clear your schedule for the weekend. Here are some reasons why you should have a weekend staycation in Fish Creek:

  1. You can finally have a reason to try something new.

Staycations can allow you to slow down, which makes it possible for you to try the activities you’ve always wanted to try. You can join a writing workshop or a flower arrangement class. There are also outdoor activities like biking in an unfamiliar trail and kayaking amid blue waters. Slowing down also means doing the things you used to before but can’t anymore because of time constraints. Why not go to a drive-in theater like you used to before?

  1. You can have a vacation at a lower price.

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In comparison to a trip abroad, the logistics of an intra-state trip is easier to plan. You can even hop into your car, and you’ll be good to go. Other than the convenience, the cost is relatively cheaper, too. You don’t have to pay for plane tickets and go through the hassle of reaching one airport to another. It’s a cost-effective trip which you can do regularly.

  1. You can try staying in a boutique hotel or bed and breakfast.

Instead of staying in a large-scale hotel, Fish Creek can offer you a more intimate setting when it comes to your accommodation. Smaller ones like boutique hotels and bed and breakfast tend to focus on personalized experience without disregarding the need for topnotch service. You’ll get the homey feeling without working for it. Plus, you’ll get to interact with the locals. They know where to eat and what to do.

  1. You can give it as a gift.

Staycations can serve as the perfect gift to your loved ones. Treating your sister, partner, or best friend on a vacation is a great way to show your love. Together, you can acquire experiences that will turn into memorable anecdotes. No one can say no to a weekend of rest and recuperation.

Allow yourself to take in what the world has to offer. You don’t have to be a continent away to appreciate what you have. Slow down.