How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Roof?

A typical roof replacement in Midland costs around $7,600 for most homeowners in the city. This doesn’t include the cost of acquiring permits, inspection fees, and sales taxes.

Whether or not you still have warranty coverage, you should hire a roofing specialist to replace an old structure. If your insurance covers the expenses, you should ask if they will only process a claim when their affiliated contractors do it.

Estimated Expenses

If you need residential flat roofing services in Midland, you should expect a different price range for a replacement. The national average for flat roof installation costs $5,410 this year. You could spend more or less based on the type of flat roof. The typical price per square, which is 100 square feet, costs between $250 and $350.

Some contractors quote rates based on the price of materials and their labor fees. If you negotiate with a labor-only deal, take note of average material prices in Midland that can range between $5 per square foot and $7 per square foot.

What Are Your Options?

The three common kinds of flat roofing are membrane or "single-ply" roofing, modified bitumen roofing, and built-up roofing. The built-up variant has been used for the longest time among the three, followed by modified bitumen and membrane roofing.

Built-up flat roofs have several layers comprising fiberglass, gravel, hot tar and roofing felt that are placed on top of each other. Most flat roofs made of this type are fire-resistant, aside from lasting for up to 30 years with proper care and maintenance. 

On the other hand, modified bitumen only has a single layer of rolled material that has different compounds. This has been the alternative for built-up roofing because some homeowners dislike its mess and smell during installation. If you’d rather have an environment-friendly, then membrane or single-ply roofing is the best choice among the three types.

Which Is the Best Option?

Flat roofing

Only a licensed roofing contractor can determine the best option for your home, but you can still familiarize yourself with specific pros and cons for each flat roof type. Built-up roofs take longer to install due to the number of materials, which means having to endure the foul smell and mess for a longer time as well.

However, built-up roofs are a low-maintenance option and more durable than membrane roofing. Single-ply roofs aren’t also storm-resistant. If you choose to install modified bitumen roofing, you might need to consider the safety risks of using an open flame or torch for specific techniques. When appropriately installed, a modified bitumen roof’s overlapping joints must be well-connected to prevent leaks.

The cost of a roof replacement in Midland can range from around $6,600 to $8,500. Rates in Midland County are similar among most contractors, but you should still compare quotes by asking for quotes from at least three different contractors. Don’t hire a general contractor to avoid paying an additional fee from $910 to $1,140. Instead, choose a flat roofing specialist that has been in business for at least three years.