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How to Keep Customers Safe and Secure in Your Parking Lot

Investing in the integrity of your parking lot’s pavement and the security of its facilities will have a big impact on your business. When customers feel safe leaving their cars (and other things) in your parking lot, they are likely to spend more time in your store. Then, it is easier for your salespeople to convince them to purchase an item or subscribe to a service. The more time they spent on your store, the better your chances are of making a sale.

Consider asphalt sealing in Salt Lake City or another city because the right maintenance of your parking lot will go a long way toward ensuring the safety of your customers and employees. Sealing your pavement will ensure that it is smooth to drive on, preventing vehicular accidents from happening. Sealing will have to be done at least every two to three years.


Many companies neglect to install light fixtures in their parking lots, never realizing that these are the simplest and cheapest measure they can take to ensure the safety of everyone using the parking lot. Well-lit areas discourage thieves and other criminals. They help your customers and employees see what’s just around the corner — this is especially important if your parking lots are indoors).


The mere presence of cameras discourages criminals from doing what they plan to do. Install high-definition cameras so that your security personnel can monitor the parking lot surroundings. In case of a crime, the police will also find it easier to recognize the suspect when the cameras give clear images of the parking lot.

Warning Signs

Never forget to put up warning signs all around the parking lot. Make sure that the lines are clear for traffic, that there are stop-and-go signs, and that pedestrian crossings are clearly marked. Unfortunately, some people drive fast even in the parking lot. Install rumble strips — also called sleeper lines, alert strips, sleepy bumps, and drunk bumps — so that inattentive drivers will be warned that they are going too fast or that they are driving on the edge of their lanes.

Security Guards

security guard

Security cameras are not enough to deter crimes. Your parking lot needs the physical presence of a security guard. They can either stop a crime in progress or come to the aid of the victim immediately. They can ask for help as soon as they see that someone has fallen victim to a criminal. Security guards can roam the parking lot either riding a motorbike or a golf cart.

Emergency Phones

Set up emergency boxes in your parking lot. These boxes should contain a phone that’s automatically connected to the security department and a first aid kit. Customers and employees can use the emergency box if they feel that their safety has been compromised or if they’re having health or car troubles.


Train your personnel to handle emergencies, especially during situations that can happen in the parking lot. If you have customers who have a sudden heart attack, your security personnel should be able to give first-aid support while calling the paramedics. Training your people to help each other and your customers will go a long way toward providing an emergency response during accidents.

The parking lot needs to be a safe place for your employees and your customers. The safer your employees feel in your property, the more likely they are to come back and become a loyal supporter of your business. This is one of the most important customer services that you can provide as a company.