Is There a Right Time for Giving Your Partner a Promise Ring?

It takes time for some people to find the right person they want to spend the rest of their life with. It's especially difficult for those who spend most of their lives building their career. But once you’re sure you’ve found the one, you'd want to show your partner your desire to be monogamous.

A pair of promise rings can symbolize your dedication to being with one another exclusively. You and your partner can wear them until you’ve reached the next chapters in your life. But when is the best time to make this kind of commitment?

The Right Time to Give a Promise Ring

Promise rings are a symbol of love and commitment between you and your partner. Give your partner a promise ring when both of you are serious about the relationship. You have to be certain about this because although it doesn't instantly indicate marriage, it still carries some significance. Wearing promise rings is a declaration of your fidelity; it may even precede an engagement, but It’s important to clarify that it’s not an engagement ring.

And so the meaning of this ring will vary with different couples. But the bottom line is that once you give it to someone, it means you're pledging your devotion to that person.

Promise rings are not only for women. Even men also wear a promise ring to show their partner their commitment to their relationship. You and your partner can shop for promise rings together.

Choosing the Right Promise Ring

Promise rings don’t need to be grand. But you can find different styles of rings both of you can wear. When choosing a promise ring, you don’t need to follow certain rules or requirements. Look for a style that suits your personalities and your lifestyle.

Hearts and intertwined designs are common promise rings themes and styles. They symbolize a couple’s union. You may opt for metal rings, including gold and silver. But you can also choose a more affordable option, like silicone rings. These are popular for couples with an active lifestyle.

Some couples prefer to put stones on their rings. But the cut is often smaller and subtler compared to engagement rings. You may choose diamonds of smaller carat if you have the budget. But keep in mind that what the ring symbolizes is more important than its design or price tag.

When Promise Rings Began

Happy couple holding hands looking in the sunset

The idea of giving a ring as a promise of love and affection started several hundred years ago. But the modern promise rings became a trend again within the last decade, partly due to the influence of celebrities.

Many people get confused with the distinction between promise rings and purity rings. Remember that the former is usually given as a token of commitment in a romantic relationship. Purity rings, meanwhile, are a symbol of a promise of abstinence.

You can wear your promise ring on any finger. Some wear it on a chain around their neck. The common way to wear a promise ring, however, is on your ring finger on the left hand if you’re not married yet. This idea came from a superstition that a vein runs directly from the left ring finger to the heart.

A promise ring is a romantic gesture to show your commitment toward one another. Although it doesn't carry as much significance as the engagement ring, it still symbolizes a fairly crucial stage in your relationship. So pick an ideal design and choose the right time to give it.