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It’s Pawsible: Carpet Cleaning Hacks to Get Rid of Pet Odors

Carpeting has become the primary option for flooring in residential and commercial establishments. This is because it offers a way to match your floors with the other elements in your interiors.

If you have pets, though, carpets may not be the easiest choice. The maintenance can be challenging due to odors, fur, and urine, which is one of the hardest elements to get rid of. This penetrates your carpet fibers down to its backing and into your flooring material.

Some property owners assume homemade and store-bought carpet cleaners are all they need to get rid of the odors in their interiors from pet urine and dander. But this isn’t the case.

Pets will keep peeing on the same location. As this urine dries, it evaporates and leaves crystals that are more pungent and concentrated compared to the wet urine. Simple cleaning will not get rid of this smell.

Here are some effective techniques to eliminate pet odors:

Removal and Cleaning Of the Affected Carpet Pad

Cleaners will pull your carpet up and remove its affected padding. They will then clean and seal the sub-floor before treating the carpet fibers. The carpet will then be re-installed professionally. Though effective, this alternative of removing pet odors is expensive and will disrupt quite a few things in your interiors.

Injection of Special Enzymes

In this technique, a special cleaning enzyme will be poured onto your carpet fibers at the spot of stains. At times, it is also poured into the carpet padding. Once the enzymes interact with the pet urine, the latter’s solids will start breaking down. This will help with the control of odors in your interiors. Special enzymes are generally used for cleaning pet urine that has not seeped into your carpet’s backing.

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Truck-Mounted Steam Cleaning

This is mostly considered the best choice for a deep carpet clean. Steam cleaning will nonetheless not effectively remove the pet urine from your sub-floors, padding and backing and might aggravate the issue by breaking up and spreading its solids. Truck-mounted steam cleaning uses a deodorizer during the process to mask the source of the urine smell but will do little to remove its source. It might be enough for the removal of the odor generated by animal dander.

Sub-Surface Extraction

This marks the best choice for removing the smell of pet urine from your indoors and getting rid of stubborn pet stains. Sub-surface extraction starts with the use of specialty equipment like UV lighting to pick the spots saturated with pet urine.

A specially designed cleaning solution is soaked into these areas and left to seep into the carpet’s backing, sub-floor and padding. A special tool is then used for flushing the urine and cleaning solution from your carpets into a truck-mounted holding tank.

Some of the homemade chemicals designed for odor removal might damage your carpet’s material and cause grave health issues in your property’s occupants. The techniques cited above are the safer option for your carpet fibers and the people and pets in your home.