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Learn More About Manila Through These Attractions

Manila is an interesting city that has a mix of old and new. You’ll see remnants of Spanish colonial times interspersed within the concrete jungle. The city also has malls and markets where you can buy the latest brands or bargain items. The museums provide information about the country’s history.

If you’re thinking of going to Manila, here are attractions to check out.

Fort Santiago

This fort is one of the most important and historic attractions in Manila. The Spaniards have used it as a prison during their rule over the country. Jose Rizal spent time here before his execution. Fast forward to today, the fortress is now a place to reflect on history, learn more about Rizal and see his memorabilia, and go on leisurely strolls.

Once you get a van for rent here in Manila, make sure to include Fort Santiago.

Get Lost in Binondo

If you want to trace the roots of Chinese influence in Manila, spend a day in Binondo. This part of the city is one of the oldest Chinatown’s not just in the Philippines, but the world. The area was for the Chinese who followed Catholicism centuries ago.

As time went on, it is still a place to experience China in Manila. Here you can go on a culinary adventure to eat Peking duck, noodles, dumplings and others. There are also shops where you can find discounted items.

Quiapo Church

The church is home to the Black Nazarene. Many devotees visit the church during the Feast of the Black Nazarene. People go to seek blessings, miracles and healing. It is also one of the biggest festivals in the country. The area surrounding the church is a microcosm of the city’s busyness.

Here you’ll see many food stalls, vendors and pedestrians occupying a small space.

San Agustin Church

The Philippines has several churches because of Spanish influence. One of the must-sees is the beautiful and grand San Agustin Church. This structure dates back to the late 1580s when its construction began. It has withstood wars and time, which make it a major tourist spot.

Its exterior has fetching and intricate details. The church is also a UNESCO-listed Heritage Site.

Manila Baywalk

After exploring the city and visiting its attractions, you probably want to relax and enjoy. One of the go-to destinations of locals and tourists is the baywalk. This is an ideal place to watch the beautiful and iconic sunset of Manila. You can go on a leisurely stroll here or dine and drink in one of the nearby establishments.

Look for Bargains in Divisoria

Jeepney as major transportation in Manila

If you want to go shopping, Divisoria is the place to start. There are many stalls and shops that sell almost anything from shoes to shirts to dresses to raw materials to jewelry to costumes. Use your haggling skills to get the lowest possible price. Vendors are likely to agree if you make a bulk purchase.

These are only some of the stops to include in your Manila itinerary. These destinations provide you with insights about the country.