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Let’s Get Physical: Working Out amid the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has kept us indoors for so long that we might have forgotten what it feels like to go out and be physically active. You may have been feeling sluggish recently, but that might be precisely the reason why you should start considering getting into a regular workout routine at home.

According to research, physical exercise can boost energy levels and fight fatigue. Taking advantage of this benefit is especially important today when working from home might have gotten us feeling down and sluggish from the lack of physical activity. Besides, whether you have been low on energy or not, you can still acquire the health benefits that exercise provides.

While some gyms may have opened up, it’s still risky to go out to do some physical exercise. You can easily set up your own gym at the comfort of your home, which will make working out more convenient and easily accessible whenever you have free time.

Home Gym Essentials

Today is the best day to start planning your new home gym. Working out has its many health benefits and, with this global health crisis, you should put in all the effort to keep yourself fit and healthy.

When setting up a home gym and keeping a schedule to work out at home, there are things to keep in mind and acquire before you get started.

Before you get started, you have to scout the area you will be dedicated to your regular workouts. A mosquito control service can help you with insect problems at home since research suggests that people become more vulnerable to mosquito bites during or after a workout session. It’s best to keep yourself safe from these insects to avoid any itching and potential transmission of any virus.

Once you have established that your space is safe for you to use, determine how big of a space you will need for your equipment storage and exercise area. Research what type of exercises are suitable for you because it will determine how big an area you will need.

Since your favorite gym is most likely closed, for now, you might be tempted to get your own go-to equipment right away. While this is okay if you have the budget for it, you can also add equipment along the way as you go further into your pandemic workout routine. You don’t have to buy all your equipment at the same time because you also need to leave a little room for adjustments according to your new workout arrangement at home. You also need to figure out where to store your gym equipment properly to avoid damage and accidents.

While you need to stay consistent in your workout sessions, you also need to keep in mind that you need variety. You can achieve variety by switching up the types of workout you do and the equipment you use. As you slowly invest in more gym equipment, try to incorporate the basics such as resistance bands, a jump rope, and different weights.

Setting up your home gym might take a bit of effort to make sure you avoid accidents and to make the most out of the space you have. Staying in shape may have several health benefits, but how can you find enough discipline to keep a routine during this quarantine period?

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Staying Disciplined

Engaging in physical exercise is not a regular habit for everybody. For many of us, it takes great effort and discipline to commit to something as “gruesome” as working out regularly. While this may be the case, this does not mean that discipline only comes to a select few. In fact, it’s something that can be developed through time and practice.

Here are ways to keep yourself disciplined in maintaining a regular workout habit.

In maintaining an exercise habit, you have to create a daily ritual. This will help your mind get in the zone of working out whenever you create a cue for this activity. Small routines can eventually lead to automatic habits that become healthy activities you regularly commit to.

Whenever you work out, you could try healthily rewarding yourself. This does mean that you will eat a bag of junk food after a tiring workout. It only means that you should pair working out with something you find very enjoyable, like watching a movie while using your stationary bike.

On days that you don’t feel very motivated, don’t be too hard on yourself. If you push yourself too hard, it might only be counterproductive. Your goal should be to make your workout sessions sustainable in the long run. You can’t commit to an exercise routine if it only makes you feel like you’re suffering.

These are some ways to help keep you disciplined in your physical exercise routine during the pandemic. Don’t be discouraged on rough days. You can always get back up and start again.

Working out is a healthy habit that builds the immune system and makes you stronger. This is especially important during this pandemic when you need to keep yourself fit and healthy to ward off the virus. Start setting up your home gym one piece of equipment at a time. Doing so is already a big step towards self-improvement.