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Missing the Outdoors? Transform Your Home into a Cabin

The fall is just around the corner. However, if you’re thinking of packing your bags for a weekend or more at the cabin to watch the foliage change colors, then here’s bad news. The pandemic is likely to be here. It may not be wise to travel a lot.

The good news is you can bring the woods with you–right in your home. Here are x ideas to transform your home into a cozy cabin:

1. Get Your Fireplace in Great Shape

What’s a cabin without a fireplace, especially if you’re in winter states? If you don’t have one right now, call an expert in fireplaces. These guys will be in demand soon, so you want to ensure you can book an appointment promptly.

Otherwise, call fireplace professionals for repair, upkeep, or replacement. For instance, you might want to upgrade yours into an electric fireplace. This is necessary when you’re prone to allergies or respiratory infections. Electric fireplaces can generate heat and warm glow without accumulating soot.

If you’re using an electric fireplace, an expert can assess it for its safety and energy efficiency. It helps reduce the risk of fire and saves you plenty of money.

2. Add More Wood

Besides a fireplace, wood defines a cabin, and the reason goes beyond aesthetics. Wood reminds people of nature and helps generate warmth. Humans are also biophilic, which means it’s in our genes to seek and embrace the environment.

You need not spend thousands of dollars to incorporate wood into your home, though. You can consider the following:

  • Upgrade the exterior with wood cladding or the interior walls with paneling. Either of these projects is likely to be cheaper than replacing your flooring.
  • Incorporate wooden furniture and home decor.
  • Add big plants like sabre fig, rubber tree, and even bamboo. ;

3. Invest in Vintage


Cabins are some of the oldest homes in the world with the first structures built around 3500 BC in Eastern Europe. In the United States, people usually associate buildings with the Pioneers.

Cabins also have a reputation of being isolated or secluded. They seem to be detached from the busyness of the modern world. All these can explain why these structures can feel old yet timeless.

Fortunately, you can capture the same spirit in your home by investing in vintage or old things. Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of cash as you can:

  • Rummage through your old belongings. You might have old mementos worth displaying.
  • Ask for hand-me-downs from friends and family.
  • Visit thrift shops. The goods are not only affordable but also are more likely vintage treasure troves.
  • Shop on Craigslist. Many are willing to let go of their old things for a fee or for free.

4. Plant

Nature surrounds most cabins. You might not have a forest in your yard, but you sure can imitate a part of it when you plant. Even better, grow food, such as tomatoes, lettuce, and herbs. This way, you gain not only a charming cabin-feel home but also a food basket.

Utah has some of the biggest properties in the United States, so there’s a good chance you have enough space in your yard. However, even if you don’t, you have options. These include hydroponics (growing plants without soil) or vertical farming, utilizing your walls.

Someday you will be back on the road, feeding your adventurous spirit. However, until then, it pays to stay safe. In the meantime, transform your home into a cabin so you won’t miss the outdoors too much.