For New Dads: Having an Active Lifestyle After Welcoming a Baby

Being a dad is an amazing experience. You waited for your little one for months before you got to hold them. You cannot wait for your baby to grow up and do all the fun things you can do together. But since a baby is a huge responsibility, you may find it hard to maintain your healthy lifestyle and stay active.

You may have a loving wife who is very hands-on with the house and your little bundle of joy. But between your daddy duties, job, and other responsibilities, you may no longer have enough time to go to the gym after work or even run during the weekends. Even if there is a shift in your priorities, it is crucial that you keep yourself active for your own health and family’s sake.

Here’s how you can stay active without neglecting your daddy duties.

Create Your Own Support System

Even daddies need their own support when it comes to caring for and raising kids. Remember that you are never alone. You have your spouse, family, and friends to lean on for support. When you think you can no longer handle everything on your to-do list, take a breather and talk to someone you can lean on.

Remember that you and your spouse should be a better team now that you have your little bundle of joy. Talk to each other about your personal issues and take turns taking care of the baby. This will help ensure each of you will have some well-deserved me-time you can use for fitness.

It also helps if you can find someone you can rely on to watch over the baby while the two of you run some errands. Having some alone time with your spouse helps nurture your relationship. Use this time to stay healthy and fit, like exercising together.

Insert Exercise in Your Daily Activities

dad stroller

No matter how busy your day might get, there are many moments you can insert exercise into your routine. You might be working from home or in an office and taking care of the baby after work hours. But that does not mean you can no longer stay active.

Let’s say you are out buying different products for your baby. Instead of using a stroller while shopping, choose a baby carrier. This way, your baby’s extra weight while walking will serve as your extra exercise.

When taking your baby out for a walk, choose to walk to the park instead of simply driving there. Instead of pushing his stroller, wear your baby proudly. This will help you bond better while enjoying the great outdoors.

When out working, find more time to stand up and walk around. Sitting all day is harmful to your health. Take frequent breaks to stand, walk, and stretch.

If you are doing some chores, choose to do some tasks manually. This can include skipping the dryer to hang freshly washed clothes under the heat of the sun. Say yes to yard work during your free time and enjoy the extra workout.

Consider Indoor and Yard Workout

You may not feel comfortable working out in the gym when your baby and spouse are left alone at home. So why not build your own home gym or transform your outdoor living space into an outdoor venue? This way, you no longer need to leave the house and still get your daily dose of exercise using the equipment you love using.

Outdoor exercises foster better health since you have more than adequate ventilation. Being with nature while working out makes exercising more fun. This also helps lower your blood pressure, reduce stress levels, and even help with your insomnia.

Exercising at home allows you and your spouse to watch over the baby as you exercise. You can set the baby up in a stroller or rocker where you can easily see your baby while you exercise. Exposing them early to regular exercise will make teaching them the importance of staying physically fit easier.

Include Your Baby in Your Workout

Why exclude your little one when trying to stay fit if you can exercise with them? Your baby may not know what’s going on just yet. But know that there is a growing trend where parents can get the extra exercise they need while wearing or carrying their babies using a carrier.

There are now many total-body workouts for dads you can engage in with your baby. A quick search on the internet and you can find any dances and exercise you can do while wearing your baby. This can be a fun way to work on some sweat without having to put your little one down.

This list shows that when you put your mind to staying active, you will find it easier to stay fit no matter the changes in your life. Now that you have a little one depending on you, it only makes sense that you keep yourself active. This will help ensure you stay healthy enough to take great care of your new bundle of joy.