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Packing Your Cars for a Long Road Trip

Once you begin planning a long road trip with your family, what you’ll focus on are the essential items you need to take. Never mind that the car will be so cramped that you can barely move your legs. As long as you have these essentials, you think you’re good to go. But you can have all these items and not sacrifice comfort. By learning how to pack your car in a way that will maximize the space, you can bring all your essentials and not suffer from back pain and leg cramps.

Of course, you need clothes, toiletries, and warm blankets for all those outdoor fireplaces you plan to experience. You’ll also need emergency supplies, footwear, and gadgets. Can you fit all these in your trusty little SUV? Whether you’re traveling alone or with your family, road trips can get stressful if you don’t plan it well. Planning does not only refer to your routes but also the way you will maximize the space in your car.

Roll, and Not Fold

The thing that will occupy most of your car space is clothes. So you must learn how to pack them properly. Make sure that you will still save as much space as possible even if you take two weeks’ worth of clothes with you. The technique is to roll them, and not fold them. Studies proved that storing clothes in rolled form is the most space-saving technique.

Aside from that, get some of those packing cubes, too. They are perfect for travelers. They keep things organized, making it easier for you to find what you need in the boot of your car. Those cubes aren’t only for clothes. You can use them to store other stuff, too.

Use Space Bags

Space bags are essentially vacuum bags. They can compress clothes, linens, pillows, and other things. Since you have to bring some linens in case the motel you stay in doesn’t have one, these vacuum bags are valuable commodities you have to have. And yes, you’ll want to bring your own pillow. There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep to combat lethargy when it is your turn to drive.

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Maximize Every Inch of Space Available

It’s 2020, people. If you haven’t realized that space is the most important aspect of a car, then you’re no shape to think about road trips. Use every nook and cranny of your car—the space under the seats, the pockets of the back seats, the glove compartment, the small compartment in the center console, and the space on your door where you put random trash.

Invest in Plastic Containers

You surely don’t want to rummage around the car when you need to find something you forgot where you put. Invest in plastic containers so you can organize everything. One container will contain clothes. You can use a smaller one to store emergency supplies while another is for stuff that doesn’t fit in the other two boxes. If you’re going to camp outdoors, you need a separate container for your camping and cooking supplies.

Of course, you also need a plastic box for your food, medicines, and toiletries. If the box has dividers, that’s better. That’ll save more space in the trunk.

Create a Go Bag

Your go-bag should have all the things you need during the duration of your stay in one place. So if you plan to stay in a city for a week, make sure that the bag has everything you need for a week—clothes, toiletries in mini containers, and other basic needs. This will prevent you from having to go through your plastic containers every time you change locations. Once you’re done with your go-bag, put them in a container filled with your newly laundered clothes (or dirty ones)

You have to make another go-bag every time you change locations. Aside from a go-bag, you need a personal bag, too. This one is where you will put your wallet, phone, credit cards, and other important documents about your travel—car documents and licenses. Take this bag with you wherever you go—when stopping for gas and bathroom breaks, when booking a motel room, or when sleeping in your camping tent. Have it beside you all the time.

A road trip isn’t all about the fun and excitement. It’s also about making life on the road easy for you and those you’re traveling with. By planning and investing in things that will maximize the storage of your car, you can have a better road trip experience.