Painting walls and ceiling.

Painted Walls: How to Clean It

Several procedures are done when building a house, including the different applications to make it livable. Contractors may use dry lining tools for the walls of your UK home, for instance. Once your house is built, you start putting everything together. You choose which colour of paint you want or how much storage space you need. That said, here are some ways you can keep your paint updated even after living in your house for a while.

Keeping Wall Paint Clean

The easiest way to clean your walls is to use a duster or dust cloth. Use it to wipe the dust off the walls. You can also use it to dust off picture frames or other hanging art on the wall, although the covered parts don’t get a lot of dust. This won’t take long to do and you can probably do it as an in-between cleaning ritual.

Some people aren’t satisfied with dry-dusting alone. Are you one of them? If you are, then you can make an all-purpose soap. Mix water and dishwashing liquid because it’s mild to use on the surface of the walls. You can also buy a wall-cleaning agent when you go to the handyman store.

Maintaining Painted Walls

Test your walls first if you want to wash them. Most wall paints are washable, but it’s still best if you test a hidden spot and see if your water-soap formula is safe to use. You can tell if washing is not good for the wall if some pieces of paint come off. Take note that there are different kinds of paint like oil-based paints, latex paints, and more. Do your research first before washing to keep the paint job intact.

Many old houses contain lead-based paint. Seal your wall by putting additional coats of high-quality paint if you’re living in a house with lead paint. This ensures that the lead is sealed and poses no harm for you and your family.

Some high-traffic areas of the house like the living room or kitchen have greasy walls. This may be due to things coming in contact with the wall and leaves some grease or the kitchen where steam from cooking or frying comes. Greasy spots are not hygienic. That said, you should wash those areas with a safe-to-use formula for painted walls.

Keep Painted Walls Looking New

Spray cleaner over blue background

Your walls are prone to damage through the years. Damages like holes and cracks are eyesores. Remedy this by filling-up the cracks and applying a fresh coat of paint.

Lastly, you can try computer-matching your paint if you need a fresh coat for a small part. You don’t have to repaint all the walls if there’s only a small area that needs to. Computer-matching can save you the trouble of repainting all your walls. Just bring a piece of the painted wall to match the colour.

Keeping your walls clean is easy. Just remember what kind of paint was used for the walls before you wash or put any cleaning agent. Use the appropriate cleaner so that your wall won’t chip. Remember to always clean it so it won’t be a breeding ground for bacteria.