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Post-pandemic Spending Spree: What Men Will Be Investing in

The global pandemic isn’t yet over. But as people have got used to the “new normal,” expect some things to go back to normalcy soon. Besides, some people have already gotten themselves vaccinated.

For these reasons, we can now see consumers going to the malls, visiting movie houses, dining out, and even booking plane trips. It appears that some consumers are now going back to their usual spending habits.

But have you ever wondered what men are most likely to spend on after the pandemic? Here are five things you should know:

1. Buying shaving kits

Most men have grown beards and mustaches during the pandemic. As they’re stuck at home and even working remotely, they no longer pay attention to their overall look and appearance. But as people start going outdoor, they get a nudge from family and friends. Now, some of them are planning to get a clean look, and getting their beards shaved can be their best bet.

In fact, some men are already getting themselves shaved as early as now. We’ve recently seen sales increase in high-end shaving products. Even Proctor & Gamble has a sales increase for their popular items like beard oil and shaving creams. That said, expect sales of shaving products to skyrocket after the pandemic.

2. Spending on jeans and tees

While swimsuits, skirts, jumpsuits, and dresses are ‘in’ for women, expect men to invest in plain and simple jeans and tees. In fact, there has been a consumer demand for jeans and tees in recent months. When it comes to these, denim is men’s top choice due to its ease of use, comfort level, and casual wear.

As a matter of fact, Levi Strauss & Co has reported a boost in sales and profits earlier this month. And they expect these to surge towards the end of the year. This is because many shoppers, particularly men, opt for denim for a fresh look and comfortability. Hence, expect this trend among men consumers to thrive even more during post-COVID.

3. Champagne purchase

The pandemic limitations such as home isolation and restricted movements have alienated us from friends and colleagues. It’s been a while since you’ve had a party with your colleagues and a reunion with your family. As most men are party-goers, they are among those impacted. Chances are, they’ve missed their bottles of champagne that much!

But as we’re gradually getting back to normal, expect upcoming parties and get-togethers soon. As early as now, some men are starting to have some parties and pop some bottles of champagne. In fact, sales for champagne and sparkling wines have significantly increased during the second quarter of this year. Expect these to boom in the next few months, especially after the pandemic.

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4. Buying a pair of shoes

Men are suckers for various kinds of shoes. They love to invest in sneakers for casual wear, running shoes for fitness, quality athletic shoes for sports, and even leathers for formal wear. But shoe investment has suffered a setback during this pandemic, as men are confined at home.

But as we are gradually allowed to go outdoors, expect consumers to purchase pairs of shoes, especially men. In fact, footwear sales have begun to improve since March of this year. Hence, expect men to invest in new kicks after the pandemic and opt for the more casual, comfortable, and athletic styles.

5. Auto repair or upgrade

A lot of people have missed out on driving their cars during the pandemic. As they’re stuck at home, men have to contend with keeping their bangers on the garage. Without proper maintenance and constant use, these vehicles will most likely end up looking old and outdated. For this reason, they need to get a major overhaul after the pandemic.

But this will be a game-changer after the global pandemic. Male drivers will no longer defer their auto maintenance and tune-up. They will go as far as having an auto repair and even part replacements. Some will even consider having an auto-upgrade or invest in new automobiles. Why? They will most likely have more trips after the pandemic.

We don’t know exactly when the global pandemic will end. But as early as now, we can predict consumer behaviors and expenditures. When it comes to the men’s spending habits, they are most likely to invest in shaving kits, jeans and tees, champagne, shoes, and auto repair or upgrade. If you’re a male consumer yourself or a retail business owner catering to men, consider these potential consumer trends.