Reasons and Solutions for AC That’s Leaking Water

There are several reasons an air conditioning unit leaks water. Although the leaking is common and can be stopped through simple fixes, one people may wonder what causes it. It pays to know the causes of AC water leaks and the effective way to stop it.

1. The air conditioning unit is not properly installed

If your AC unit is new yet you notice water leakage, the reason could be the unit is not installed properly. Window-type air conditioners should be installed slightly lower at the back than the front. This way, the water discharge goes directly to your condenser. If water leaks in the front sides before it gets into the back piping, your AC unit is installed either too low at the front or too low at the back. Check if your AC unit and drainage pan are installed correctly.

Male electrician repairing air conditioner standing on stepladder

2. The air filter is dirty

When your air filter gets clogged, the dirt and dust will block the airflow. As a result, the evaporator coil will get too cold and will freeze. When it melts, the drain pan cannot handle the excess water so it will overspill and cause the leakage. It is important to check on your air filter. Make sure it is clean. Replace it every three months or as needed.

3.  The drain line is clogged

Water from your AC unit passes through the drain pipes and comes out of the drain pan. If the pipes are clogged with dirt, water will start to build up and cause leakage. That said, you need to unclog the drain line. You can use a wet or dry vacuum to suck the blockage or ask an air conditioning professional to do the job for you. There are reliable air conditioning experts in Largo and other places who can help you. Regular air conditioning maintenance and professional check-up every three months can help prevent high repair costs. 

4. The level of refrigerant is low

Just like a filthy air filter, a low level of refrigerant can make the evaporator coil freeze. When the coil melts, water will overflow. You’ll hear a queer sound and notice that your AC unit does not cool enough. When that happens, you need to call a technician to address the issue. It’s either the unit needs repair or a replacement.

Electrician repairing air conditioner

5. The drain pan or condensate pump is damaged

Your drain pan may develop splits and cracks after years of service in the same manner that the condensate pump of your AC unit in the basement can be broken through the years. If that happens, expect water to leak. To fix the problem, replace your drain pan and repair or replace your condensate pump.

6. Air leaks and ice forms around the unit

Your AC unit will produce a cooler and dryer air if the warm air that gets into it has condensed. However, if you notice droplets of water in the front part of your AC unit, it implies that your unit has air leaks. Likewise, if you see ice around your unit, your cooling coil might be malfunctioning. A professional can help you solve the problem.

Water leakage of an AC unit is a common case that can be easily remedied. Nevertheless, it can harm the electronic parts of your unit and cause water damage to your home. It can damage your walls and ceilings over time. Having knowledge of the causes of water leakage is an advantage, and seeking professional help can prevent serious problems in the future.