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Making the Old New Again: Refurbishing Your Prized Possessions

If you treasure something, you’d like to keep it forever. But this is sometimes not possible, as age can damage it. Various factors can damage your beloved possessions, making them lose effectiveness and looking less than great. But you can change that.

Here are some tips on refurbishing your treasured items and possessions:

Your House

A house is one of the easiest things to restore and refurbish. If you haven’t renovated your house in years then it will look a bit dated. If your home looks like a throwback to the 80s, then you should seriously consider fixing things up. What makes a house easy to update is that you can focus on one thing at a time and don’t have to worry about it. For example, you can update the bathroom first while saving up for the other parts of the house.

You can also choose how to renovate your home. The choice is to either return it to its original state or you can do a complete renovation. One option can be cheaper than the other depending on the circumstances.

Your Car

Cars are another prized possession that can be given a good refurbishment. Depending on the care model, you can have a twenty-year-old car running like a dream and looking like it came fresh from the car dealer. For the internals, working with a good mechanic can ensure that the engine is in good working order, along with other features.

As for cosmetic upgrades, a trip to an auto paint spray booth can give any car a new look. Combine it with some new fixtures and lights, your car will look great even if it was made two decades ago.

Your Furniture

If you have old wooden furniture, then you have a good chance of restoring them to its best condition. Wood furniture accumulates layers of dirt and grime on its surfaces. The first step to any restoration effort is to clean it all up. Scrubbing the furniture piece down with a soap and water mix can ensure that you will only have the varnish to deal with underneath.

After the cleaning, you can then decide to refinish the furniture piece. This involves sanding off the varnish, then applying it again so that the furniture will have a fresh wooden facade under the varnish. This is great for removing any surface damage that the furniture has.

Your Bicycle

A bicycle is a great piece to restore. Thanks to the simple moving parts, you should be able to get one into great condition despite all the rust and age on it. Whether it is your childhood bike or a mountain bike, the basics are the same. First, you’ll want to get rid of all the rust and dirt. This will likely be the most time-intensive since you have to be sure that every scrap of rust is gone. You also need to replace any damaged gears or chains. Other parts that should get attention are the wheels and seats.

Your Jewelry


Jewelry may seem timeless but improper care and age can tarnish any piece. You can clean a lot of the damage that age has done to jewelry pieces. There are cleaning agents for silver and gold available on the market. Combined with a microfiber cloth, you can remove a lot of dirt and grime from your jewelry pieces. For more severe damage like chips and abrasions, you may have to turn to professional jewelers. This would also be helpful if you find rings are getting tight.

Your Electronics

The most surprising thing you can restore is electronics. A lot of the new electronic gadgets can be pretty fragile and have a short operating lifespan. However, older electronics were built better and are often very durable. If you have an old GameBoy with a working screen, you can simply clean it up and pop in new batteries to get it to play.

Look around for a good repairman for your electronics and they will likely be able to get it working again and clean up the exterior. With a bit more care, you can expect them to last for years to come.

When it comes to some items, some of them are better with age. All you need is some good maintenance and some cosmetic upgrades to ensure they look brand new. They won’t be as good as brand new and will likely be missing a few features but it can be worth it to still own something that you can pass on. Keep that in mind before throwing something out.