Should You Leave Your Wedding Ring at Home When Traveling?

A diamond wedding ring is likely one of the fine jewelry pieces you own and wear daily. You wear it with pride wherever you go or whatever you do. If you’re visiting a new place, for example, your diamond ring can complete your look so you’ll have a perfect outfit-of-the-day photo to post on your Instagram.

However, it’s a constant discussion among brides whether or not you should wear your wedding ring every time you travel. Some say they wear their rings when traveling while others say they prefer leaving at home to keep it safe.

Prevent Losing Your Wedding Ring

It might feel odd to remove your wedding ring and wear it for a few days, especially if you’ve been wearing it for a long time. But it’s best to leave it at home every time you visit a new place. You’re likely to lose your ring or someone may steal it during your trip.

The average cost of an engagement ring is $5,900, and you might have spent more than $1,000 on yours. That’s a huge amount of money. Losing your ring during one of your trips may cost you the same amount to replace it.

According to some brides, it’s better not to bring your ring with you when you travel if you can’t replace it. You should only bring things you will not worry about losing, so you can fully enjoy your vacation. When you feel uncomfortable not wearing your wedding ring, try alternative rings.

Wear an Alternative Ring During Your Trip

Some brides travel wearing a less expensive ring. For example, silicone rings are ideal for women who enjoy traveling but don’t want to wear their prized jewelry. This type of ring costs from $20 to $50, depending on the design. They are more affordable to replace if you lose or break them during your vacation.

Additionally, silicone rings are also stylish and comfortable to wear without attracting too much attention. Eye-catching jewelry pieces, like a diamond ring, are attractive to thieves. Although silicone rings can be stylish as well, they don't capture the wrong attention. Not only that, these rings allow you to enjoy outdoor sports because they're designed to adapt to an active lifestyle. 

Removing wedding ring

Every time you go on vacation, it’s ideal to leave your most prized jewelry pieces at home. You would be busy trying new things and relaxing for the entire trip; you might forget to be careful as you normally are with your jewels. 

Not all brides agree with leaving your wedding ring at home when traveling, however. Some wear their rings anywhere they go. But they hide the diamond by turning the ring toward the inside their palm if they are unsure about the places their visiting.

It's essential to be comfortable and safe when you’re traveling. If you want to wear your diamond wedding ring during your trip, be cautious and wear it with care. Your wedding ring is the symbol of your marriage, so losing it can be upsetting.