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Choosing the Perfect Theme for Your Wedding Day

Weddings are becoming more customized nowadays. Couples are becoming more creative in choosing a theme for their special day. What are the factors that you have to look into when coming up with a wedding theme?


The location of your wedding affects the theme in your mind. A beach wedding would most likely have a nautical theme or would be Boho-inspired. A royalty theme could be done by availing french chateau wedding packages. You could first think of a theme and scout for possible venues that are appropriate for what you have in mind. Another option is to get a venue and work on it to make your theme fit. Whatever strategy you choose, your venue and theme should blend well.

You and Your Partner’s Personality

This is the most prevalent factor that you have to consider in choosing a wedding theme. The central idea of your wedding should reflect your personality. Are you book lovers? Do you have the zest for traveling? Do you and your partner have a shared occupation? This is where the diversity of wedding themes come into play. It could be anything under the sun. There are two things you have to keep in mind. First, your theme should make both of you happy. The theme that you choose should still make you smile even years after as you look at your wedding photos. Second, do not choose a theme because it is current. Maybe all your engaged friends are leaning towards a vintage wedding. Do not go with the trend when you do not feel like it.



Another great indicator of your wedding theme is the season of your wedding day. Your theme could have a strong link to the season of your special day. It is a giveaway to have a winter wonderland theme at a winter wedding. But, the connection could also be subtle. A rustic-styled wedding fits a fall wedding. Rustic colors such as champagne, dusty blue, and sage green are all suggestive of the fall season.


You have to bear in mind that having a themed wedding will take a large chunk of your budget. It takes a good amount of money to make all the elements of your wedding revolve around a central idea. The big details such as the wedding dress, the venue, and the table setup should reflect your theme. But, the small details count too. Your accessories, the wedding invites, and the flowers should all adhere to your theme. If you have a tight budget, consider themes that you could do yourself. Pinterest and other sites have a wide array of suggestions to do these themes.


The mood that you want for your wedding will also influence your theme. Are you an upbeat couple? Or more of the reserved type? Do you want a burst of colors in your wedding? Or do you prefer only one hue to stand out? A glam wedding theme is heavy on the aesthetics and intends to wow the guests. A tropical wedding theme sends a light and relaxing vibe. Think of how you would like your guests to feel on your big day.

Your wedding theme is a crucial part of your big day. This serves as the foundation of your preparations. You have to take all factors in and think hard to come up with the perfect fit for both of you.