Simple Adventures Anyone Can Try and Enjoy

Growing up, we read books about great adventurers venturing to unknown lands and undiscovered areas. We watch films about intrepid journeymen going to amazing places. And in our old age, we often envy them, wondering how we can live such a life.

While living an adventurous life isn’t exactly a safe or wholly feasible one, experiencing adventure here and there is still possible. Here are some ideas that can help you get started:

Explore Your City or Hometown

Let’s start off with something safe, but still very much adventurous. Try exploring your own city or hometown. While that sounds very tame (especially when compared to others on this list), the feeling of discovery and finding out hidden locations gives off a very adventurous feeling. And think about it, have you seen your hometown in its entirety?


Many locations hold amazing spots that locals often ignore, and this is an opportunity for you to go out and see what’s out there. Try walking around your city instead of using a car. You never know what you’re going to stumble upon when you’re traveling by foot. You might find a hidden bar or an interesting landmark- it’s this safe sense of adventure that can ignite you to go on bigger ones.

Try Deep Sea Diving

Deep-sea diving isn’t something you can readily do- it takes time and effort to acquire a driving license, and you have to travel to the best spots to fully appreciate it. But it’s the journey that makes the experience great, from starting out to actually diving to see beautiful reefs and marine wildlife. Whenever we talk about ‘adventure’, we often think of going to distant lands and seeing beautiful places- and that’s exactly what diving is. It’s like traveling to a whole new world, one where even the creatures are different. If you want to experience something new and different, then diving is definitely the adventure for you.

Get Into Martial Arts

Martial arts has long been present in our culture and there are various reasons why someone would be into it. Self-defense seems to be one of the top reasons why people decide to study martial arts. And it is a very valid reason because a lot of people want to be able to protect themselves and the people around them when the situation calls for it.

Apart from self-defense, martial arts also boosts self-confidence and helps develop discipline. Training movements and techniques in martial arts require repetition, perseverance, and patience. As you progress in your martial arts training, you will learn and apply these skills not only in the sport but also outside of it.

Go on a Hike


Hiking is a great way to be active and enjoy nature at the same time. If it isn’t your first time, then you already know how good it is to step away from your busy life and be alone with nature. But if you’re a first-timer, going with a few friends or a group is best so you can have support from those who have experience.

Preparing for a hike is not as complicated as it seems. You and your significant other would need weather-appropriate clothing and gear, such as Altra shoes, so you don’t get injured while hiking, a good hiking backpack to keep all your stuff, and a sturdy and reliable tent if you intend to camp. Hiking is a great activity that stirs the spirit of adventure and is definitely something you want to experience at least once in your life.

Drive a Motorcycle

Traveling is fun and it’s a great way to gain new experiences. While you can of course travel in a car, take the bus, or ride a train, there is certainly something liberating in being able to drive a motorcycle on a freeway. Being able to feel the air around you, combined with the exhilarating feeling of going fast (within reason of course) is what makes driving a motorcycle different.

When it comes to igniting an adventurous spirit within you, nothing comes close to driving a motorcycle for miles on end. Consider traveling through states using a motorcycle- much like those great adventure films. You’ll never know what’s going to happen and it’s the thrill of the unknown that makes it worth it.

Take Care of a Dog

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If you’ve ever taken care of a pet, then you know it’s an entirely different experience on its own. Taking care of a dog is another matter as well. You’re taking care of a companion that needs attention, love, and care. The best part? You can bring dogs when you travel. Think about it: you and your dog, riding a motorcycle through the country. Or climbing a mountain together. Nothing beats the feeling of a great adventure with your best bud beside you.