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The Green Gender Gap: Why More Men Should Start a More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

The environment is a hot topic during these trying times. More people are urging others to start caring more about the planet. They want the government and businesses to care more about saving the environment. More eco-conscious consumers are encouraging other consumers to start a more eco-conscious lifestyle. Sadly, there is an eco-gender gap and it does show in today’s modern world.

More women are advocating for green choices. Now, more products made for women are advertised as green, organic, and environment-friendly. Women are driving sustainability and it shows in their buying decisions.

Most men view eco-friendly initiatives as green solutions associated with femininity. When asked why more men are not that invested in eco-conscious lifestyle, a study found that they find green habits as unmanly. But in reality, eco-consciously living knows no gender.

Anyone can start caring for the environment by adapting environment-friendly habits. The following are just some of the reasons why more men should start embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle.

An Eco-friendly Lifestyle Is a Healthy Lifestyle

Adapting to an environment-friendly lifestyle is generally good for your health. When you care for the environment, you do things that are good for the planet, which includes recycling, reusing, and reducing your waste. All of these contribute to a healthier environment, which then allows us to live in a healthier space.

  • Washing your clothes by hand enables you to reduce your energy waste. You get to enjoy an additional physical activity which is essential to your health.
  • Proper insulation of your home with eco-friendly materials makes your HVAC system more efficient. Once it is time to replace your insulation, you won’t have to worry about the waste for most eco-friendly insulation materials are biodegradable or reusable.
  • Trading public transport and driving with biking, walking, and running helps reduce your carbon emissions. This also helps you stay active while saving you more out of gas or public transport fees.
  • Supporting charity shops is a great way to make sure your old items won’t go to waste. You can even find second-hand items you can reuse back home and save money in the process.

Eco-conscious Men Are More Attractive

You read that right. According to a study, men who are environmentally conscious show an honest commitment. One’s passion for saving the planet can actually be an attractive trait.

One study shows that men who are committed to living an eco-friendly life make them better-suited as partners and parents. One may view eco-consciousness as feminine. But this is also the very reason why many women are drawn to men who are into environment-friendly habits.


Some people say this is because of the fact that more women want their future partners to also care for what they advocate. It is easier to maintain balance in a home if both partners are passionate about a certain goal. When both partners are into eco-conscious living, it will be easier to turn their future homes into environment-friendly spaces.

An Eco-friendly Lifestyle Can Also Help You Mentally and Financially

They say that such a lifestyle can be expensive. But then, it all depends on what projects you take and what habits you adopt. You can live an eco-conscious mindset without spending hundreds to thousands of dollars of upfront fees.

The good news is this is also good for both your mental and financial health. You enjoy more savings which help you better manage your finances. This then helps give you peace of mind, while the sense of accomplishment you enjoy can contribute to better mental health.

How You Can Start Your Eco-friendly Lifestyle

Drastic changes usually lead to short-lived promises. If you are really committed to living a healthier and eco-friendly lifestyle, adopt small habits one at a time so as not to overwhelm yourself. This way, you can slowly but surely change your lifestyle into one that is easier to maintain.

Start with how you buy your essentials. Instead of ordering online and from a store overseas, choose local businesses instead. When finding a present for a loved one, choose a local gift shop with handmade trinkets. Better yet, start shopping at a nearby thrift store for used clothes, shoes, and furniture.

Instead of always driving your car, choose to walk or bike instead. If possible, go carpooling with friends. If convenient, take public transport instead to lower your emissions.

Find other ways to reduce your waste without sacrificing your interests. For example, you love reading books. Instead of buying brand new, choose to borrow from the library, buy second-hand, or opt for soft copies instead.

When trying to improve your living space, go for environment-friendly materials and source these from local suppliers. Choose local contractors who are also committed to eco0friendly habits. Pick projects that boost home efficiency, reduce wastes, and improve your savings.

Remember that eco-conscious living does not discriminate. Young or old, rich or poor, and no matter your gender, everyone can and should embrace an environment-friendly lifestyle. This is the first step in helping save the planet and a great way to start living a healthier lifestyle. Be part of the green movement and embrace a more eco-friendly life.