Cosmetic Surgery

The Mental Effect of Cosmetic Change on Your Life

Cosmetic surgery is born from the fact that many of us suffer from low self-esteem. People wonder what to do to reach the level of perfection that the media portrays celebrities to be. This conditions women to always look good. There is too much pressure to be beautiful and thin. It puts ordinary women at a disadvantage.

Sometimes, people need cosmetic enhancements because of a medical condition. They need to go to dental clinics that use the latest technology such as the practical dental 3-D printing. Still, even those who have undergone surgery because of a medical condition fear the backlash of negative feedback. People want others to be real while they go through enhancement surgery themselves to improve the way they look.

Where Does the Insecurity Come From?

All over the world, women get chastised for being on the heavy side. They get sneered at when they don’t lose weight immediately after giving birth. They get snickered at when they don’t have that poreless Korean skin. And why is that?

Every day, you get bombarded with images of celebrities with their perfect skin and thin bodies. Look at any billboard and magazine cover. Rarely will you see the likes of Adele and Amy Schumer gracing the cover of beauty magazines. But sure, put Gigi Hadid there five or more times in two years. There should be nothing wrong with the message, shouldn’t be?

Inadvertently, the message is clear to anyone seeing these images: You should strive to be thin, beautiful, and fair-skinned. Never mind the fact that editors airbrushed these images. Or that the chosen images are among hundreds of imperfect photos taken during the shoot. The self-loathing continues because women do not feel beautiful after seeing these photos.

Cosmetic Surgery

When Does Cosmetic Surgery Work?

Although cosmetic enhancements have their disadvantages, they have benefits, too. People need to embrace their imperfections first. Cosmetic surgery works for people who need a tiny bit of nudge to confidence. Their crooked teeth and lopsided smile make them feel inferior. Minor surgery can change this. Why would anyone want to take that chance away?

This surgery makes people feel more accepted. If you need the surgery because of physical abnormalities (either incurred from birth or by accident), then society needs to be more accepting of it. Some people are mature enough to handle the pressure of letting others know that they have been cosmetically enhanced. Others cower at the thought of negative feedback and comments.

People who want cosmetic surgery should talk with a therapist or counselor. They should surround themselves with positive people. They need the support of their friends and family.

There is nothing inherently wrong about cosmetic changes. People make it seem like others need to be embarrassed by their self-improvement. Aren’t everyone just striving to be better? Cosmetic surgery is an individual choice. Some people believe that it improved the quality of their lives. Others seem more insecure before their surgery.

You need to make sure that you’re doing the surgery for the right reason. Do it for self-improvement. Hopefully, you don’t do it to please anybody else. At the end of the day, only your opinions matter. As long as you’re happy and satisfied with the way you look, nobody should tell you otherwise.