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6 Healthy Alternatives to Drinking Coffee in the Morning

Having coffee to start your day may already be a part of your morning routine. Habits are hard to break, which means that turning your back on caffeine may seem like an impossible task. There are a lot of coffee shops available all over the world, making it more challenging for you to say no to a warm cup of coffee. However, you can slowly replace the beverage with a healthier alternative. If you want to break your coffee drinking habits, you should consider these substitutes for your morning routine.


Sometimes, the simpler choice is the most healthy one. Water may feel bland compared to a warm cup of coffee. However, H2O keeps you hydrated, unlike the effect of caffeine. Coffee will provide you with a small energy boost to begin your morning routine, but it may also lead to fatigue if you do not drink enough water. You can find a lot of substitutes for coffee, but water remains without an alternative. Eight glasses of water per day will help keep you energetic and alert, which is what most coffee-lovers want from caffeine. If you want to add flavor and character to water, you should consider adding lemon to your cup.

Green Tea

If you are not willing to let go of caffeine, you should consider replacing coffee with green tea instead. Aside from giving you an extra boost, you will receive lots of disease-fighting antioxidants. Green tea helps detoxify your body from unhealthy chemicals, which will help you feel more upbeat during rough mornings. You have the option to take your tea hot or cold. You may also add coconut or soy milk in your cup. You have the opportunity to get creative with your tea, which may be a new part of your morning routine.

Fruit Juice

Fruit Juice

Fruits are always a part of the healthy portion of food, which makes it a good substitute for coffee. However, you may still prefer taking sips over fruit bites in the morning. You should consider squeezing fruits into a glass to give yourself a healthy and organic juice. You may also turn fruit into a smoothie. If you manage to substitute fruits for your coffee, you should consider investing in citrus juicers or lemon squeezers.


You may take your coffee with milk, but the latter is already a good alternative for caffeine. Almost everyone knows the benefits of milk ever since they were young, which makes it a viable option. You may also add milk to your cereal if you want to get food in your stomach. Milk also provides you with calcium, which is good for the bones.


Coffee helps provide you with an extra step in the morning. However, you can build up the same feeling when you stretch your muscles. Physical exercise helps you wake up your body better than caffeine. The natural movements make it a healthier option compared to coffee. When you pair exercise with a bottle of water, you will most certainly feel awake when you cool down.

A lot of people are trying to ditch caffeine in their morning routine, but it is a challenging habit to break. If you feel determined to remove coffee from your system, you should consider going through a slow process instead of doing it cold turkey. Healthy alternatives will help you achieve your goal.