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The Psychology Behind Giving Great Gifts to Your Wife

Every holiday season, the average household in the United States and the United Kingdom spends about $550 on gifts. But that doesn’t mean those who are spending less are making their friends and family less happy. The idea is to give “great” gifts to your loved ones, especially to your wife. But what that “great” means differ depending on how much you can afford, what your wife expects, and your wife’s perception of your relationship.

Giving Luxurious Gifts

The belief is that it’s hard to please women. But what’s so hard to please about your wife when you’ve known her for years, even before you got married? Think about those early stages in your relationship. What things does she enjoy doing the most? It feels so tensed in your household because she hasn’t let off steam for quite a while.

If you can afford it, luxury rings for women are one way to please her. No woman is against receiving nice and expensive gifts from their husbands. But if you can’t afford it, then so be it. You know what “luxury” truly means for your wife, so find that one thing or one experience that will make her happy.

Behavioral experts said that there’s no evidence that the recipients are sensitive to the cost of the gift. There is no connection that their enjoyment of the gift is dependent on the price tag. In fact, once the gift hits a certain price point (whether because of expectations or traditions), experts agree that it wouldn’t matter if they go way beyond that price or stay conservatively near it.

Your Wife Most Probably Deserves It


Admit it; there’s not a person in the world who deserves a gift more than your wife. She has been the rock of the family in sickness and in health. She’s been there through all the ups and downs, always steering the ship in the right direction. And whether intentionally or not, she has made the house a home that comforts you after a long and tiring day at work. So why wouldn’t you exert an extra effort in finding the perfect gift for her?

The one true thing about a happy home is the happiness that you bring to each other. Though your wife shouldn’t be materialistic, a small token from time to time will make her feel how much you value what she does for your home. Days tend to be longer for the woman in the house. She prepares the meals, cleans and organizes the house, stocks the pantry, and makes sure everything is in its proper place.

But somehow, if you come home one day bearing gifts, it’s going to take away all the stress and confusion of that day. It doesn’t always have to be something grand, but it should be enough to send the message: I appreciate you. If anyone else deserves to know that she’s doing good, it is your wife.

Think Long Term

Imagine how happy your wife is when you give the gift to her. Now, imagine her remembering how she felt that moment in the future when times are a little harder or when you simply didn’t put your dirty socks in the hamper. She’ll pull from these little moments when she gets upset about something. That’s what a gift does to people, but wives must have such good memories with their husbands.

When someone gives you a gift, you’ll remember that for the long term, won’t you? You’ll see and use that gift from time to time and remember who gave it to you, as well as how the gift made you feel. Thinking of a gift as a long-term investment is the best way to pick one that will accrue value over time.

If you want your wife to remember that gift for a long time, you have to pick something that will resonate with her. That’s why gift-giving is such a personal activity for the giver because it’s not just about the recipient, but it’s about the giver, too. You should be thinking about your wife and yourself and the things that you share.

You will make mistakes in picking gifts. It’s such a trivial one that you shouldn’t let it bother you. But if you put your mind and heart into what you want to accomplish, which is to choose a great gift for your wife, you will make the right decision. And in the end, even if you can’t afford the best one or pick the right one, the thought alone will make your wife smile, and that really is what it’s all about.