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The Right Mood for Each Room in Your Home

When you’re designing a home, the goal isn’t just to make spaces pretty. You want to achieve a certain atmosphere, too, so people entering your house will appreciate it not only visually but also emotionally.

There’s no use having a visually appealing bedroom when you don’t feel relaxed and rested in it, right? Create the right mood for each room with the following design moves.

In the Living Room

This is where you receive and entertain guests, and spend most of your family time perhaps. You want this space then to have a warm vibe. Given that, use earth tones in colors.

If you have a fireplace in the room, that can very well be a reference for your scheme. You can replicate the pebble tan and slate blue in your walls and furniture. But of course, don’t neglect how you’d tie these hues to the rest of the rooms of the house later.

The fireplace isn’t just a reference for colors though. Light it up, and let it brighten the space. If you have the gas type, make sure that it doesn’t smell strange when it’s lit. If it does, you need to call for fireplace repair Utah professionals provide to address leaks or electrical damage.

In the Bedroom

This is where you rest and sleep, so it’s fitting to create a calm atmosphere in this space. When in the living room, you’re using strong shades of hues, here, you go for the more subdued tones. You probably can consider soft pastels for your walls and decor.

In terms of patterns and accessories, you want it to be minimal. Give your room a lot of negative space. A wall art in one corner should be enough. Pay attention to lines, as well. It’s better if you can choose furniture and fixture that have subtle curves, as these convey softness, thus contributing to that calm, relaxed vibe.

Similar to what you did in the living room, prioritize elements that bring light into the room. This time, what you want is light that has a reduced intensity. Consider installing dimming switches.

In the Kitchen

kitchen interior

This is the area that’s always bustling with activity. It’s the busiest room in the house. It makes sense then to complement this with the kind of design that’s lively. In terms of colors, you want to use strong and bold shades for this space. Use art pieces that have contrasting hues from your walls so that they serve as pops of color.

If wild colors aren’t your thing, you can opt for graphic patterns and prints instead. Maybe try the meander motif in one corner of the room, the farthest wall from the entrance. Or, striped patterns in your accent pieces, like rugs, vases on your island, or blinds in your windows.

In terms of lighting, natural light is your best bet in here. Open up your windows. Let the space be bathed in the shine. The natural mood-boosters from the sun will give everyone working at your open kitchen the lively, energetic spirit.

Remember, when you’re designing your home, you’re not just after the visual appeal. You want to create the perfect atmosphere and mood. Take inspiration from these design moves as you tweak your space.