Moving to a New Home

Warm Welcome: The Strangest Rituals When Moving to a New Home

Moving to a new house is a huge life event. Like other important milestones, you want it to be as stress-free and smooth-sailing as it can possibly be. You sort through your stuff and pack them months prior. You hire professional movers to secure your most precious belongings. You probably drive up to your new house a couple of times, just to get to know your future neighbors. For some people, they want to take the preparation for this new chapter in their life up a notch by doing “rituals,” which are inspired by age-old superstitions. Now, you may not be a believer of the customs below, but admit it, they’re a fun way of celebrating and making the reality of a new home more real.

Exit where you entered.

This is an ancient Irish ritual. The first time you step inside your new house, take note of the door you entered in because that’s where you should also exit. It’s unclear why this is so, but they say that it’s bad luck to exit using a different door. Don’t worry, this only applies for the first time you leave the house. You can exit to wherever after that. Of course, what’s more important than this is clearing pathways in which you enter and exit. Beware of stuff that could trip you or your hired movers. Don’t leave boxes near doorways. If it’s possible to keep kids in one room, the better. Taking people to the hospital for unintended slips and falls isn’t the best way to start off this new life you have.

Avoid the rain.

They say it’s bad luck to move homes when it’s raining. Like the first one, it’s uncertain where this belief came from. But, if you just use common sense, this superstition makes sense. Bad weather adds more stress to the already tension-filled, logistically-challenging move. You can’t move stuff without an umbrella or rain gear. It’s harder to drive on the road when you have limited visibility. Then, of course, there’s also the possibility of getting colds after the entire ordeal under the rain. So yes, go ahead and be wise in picking your moving day. Before you hire professional moving packers, South Florida local weather news is worth checking or you can always check your phone apps.

Light a candle.

It’s odd to do this when you’re moving in with the sun shining so bright outside and your undressed windows are letting in a flood of natural light, but this superstition isn’t for practicality. It’s leaning more into the spirituality. In many religions, lighting a candle is believed to keep bad spirits away, as it casts out the darkness. The same is true with sprinkling a pinch of salt in every corner of the house. Of course, the real bad omen here is if you forget to blow out the candles and clean up the salt so make sure that that won’t slip your mind.

It’s fun and, at times, useful to do these age-old rituals for moving. But, of course, you can always make your own to finally welcome yourself into your new home and embrace this next chapter in your life.