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Indoor Activities for the Whole Family

The colder months are just around the corner. You and your family will be spending more time indoors again. But don’t worry, here are some activities that you can enjoy with your family this coming autumn and winter:

Indoor Camping by the Fire

Who doesn’t love to snuggle and feel the warmth of a fireplace when it’s cold outside? Take camping inside by using the fireplace. Wooden burning stoves in Utah are also a perfect alternative to an outdoor campfire. Light yours up, boil some water for hot choco, and prepare some marshmallows. The kids will love this activity! If you want to make it more fun, build a fort or set up a tent where you can sleep. It’s almost like having a real camping trip.

Make Christmas Decorations

Create Christmas decors with your kids. This will make their Christmas even more special. Buy pre-cut stars in Christmas colors and turn them into ornaments. Turn plain trinkets into colorful Christmas decorations, too. Prepare some glitters, glue, strings, and other things that you’ll need.

Allow the children to create their own Christmas décor and let them hang it on the Christmas tree. You can also create a wreath that can be attached outside your door. Just make sure to supervise the cutting part to prevent kids from hurting themselves.

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Craft Making

Aside from Christmas decorations, you can also create some Christmas and winter art. A great idea is to create your own Christmas card. Everybody loves a personalized Christmas card and matching envelope.

Another great idea is to build tiny winter houses for little critters outside your home. Birds, hedgehogs, rabbits, and all other small animals will need a warm place to stay in for the winter. After building the miniature houses, you can scatter them outside and let the animals hide in them.

Movie Marathon

Watch old movies you liked as a kid and show them to your children. Let them enjoy those movies as much as you did when you were young. Prepare some blankets and popcorn and snuggle with your family in front of the TV.

To feel the Christmas spirit even better, watch festive Christmas movies. This will make the kids even more excited for Christmas.

Bake Some Goodies

Baking homemade cookies during winter warms the heart. You get to sit down and enjoy delicious treats with your family. It’s also the perfect opportunity to bake some extra goodies for your friends and other family members. This way, you have a reason to go out and visit them with your family. Spread the love!

Prepare everything that you and your kids will need: flour, sugar, eggs, butter, and milk. Bake delicious cookies and cakes with the kids, but teach them how to share tasks. Assign a job to each kid so that they know how they can contribute to the finish products.

Whatever indoor activity you want to do when the colder months come in, make sure to enjoy your time with your family. Spending time together is what will make your family close to each other, forming lifetime bonds. This will teach your kids to cherish the moments they spend with their parents and siblings.