granny flat in brick

What is a Granny Flat and Why You Should Consider Building One

You can use a good old granny flat as a guest room, home office, playroom, art studio, man cave, or personal sanctuary. Aside from these very valuable purposes, your parents or grandparents can also use it as an actual living space.

If you are fortunate enough to have land that can house granny flats in Melbourne, first things first, you can’t just decide to build one thinking that it’s just a tiny addition, sort of like a backyard playhouse for your kids. You must plan ahead, abide by your local building codes, and future-proof it to optimise its use.

Here’s what you need to consider.

Your Local Council Rules and Regulations

When planning your dream granny flat, ensure that you know all about the building rules and regulations of your local council. Be prepared. You will need to satisfy many different requirements and restrictions based on the area, shape, and size of your land and how you are planning to utilise the granny flat.

Once you submit your proposal and all goes well, you can expect your plan to be approved in as little as 10 days. So make sure to consult your local council in Mebourne and if possible, ask for examples of granny flats they have approved.

Space Considerations

Take into account the connection between your house and the granny flat. Keep in mind that your outdoor space is a common area, making it perfect for living with family. However, if you are planning on renting out your granny flat, you have to consider how much privacy you need and how to accomplish that.

An Appropriate Layout

How you use your granny flat could change over time. This means that your layout should be versatile enough so you can utilise it for yourself, parents, grandparents, or kids. During planning, consider privacy, accessibility, the durability of materials, and insulation.

Age Considerations

To maximise your use of the space, consider a mezzanine level. This will give you additional space and flexibility. But a super high ceiling or moveable ladder might not be safe for seniors, especially for those with physical ailments.

Consider Adding a Verandah

white table and chairs in veranda

When developing the layout of your granny flat, ensure that the finished product won’t look claustrophobic or too closed in. To remedy this if space is a concern, consider adding a verandah or patio. But contact your local council first and ask whether or not they include a verandah’s dimensions itself in the overall size requirements.

Sleep and Relaxation Matters

Don’t forget about beds or a space outfitted for relaxation at least. You could go on with a full-sized bed, a sofa bed, daybed, trundle bed, or chair sleepers. When considering your options, you need to figure out whether you’ll be using the beds regularly or occasionally.

Whether you are looking to house your ageing grandparent or parent, need a more private space for your guests to stay, or just need your very own home away from home that’s actually near your home, rethink how you can maximise your backyard space with a granny flat.