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Your Fleet Management Software Must Have These Features

Logistics has come a long way because of technology. With fleet management software, your company can track and manage your vehicles and your workers on the fly.

You’re also able to utilize your transports better, either choosing a lighter vehicle to ferry goods faster or sending your fleet to shorter routes. With good managerial skills, combined with effective software and other strategies, logistics businesses can reduce risks and maximize efficiency.

What can your fleet management software do? Here are some features your software must have to effectively manage your logistics company.

Task Management

Micromanaging hundreds of fleets can spread you thin. You have to check the schedules, make sure every vehicle is in tip-top shape and drivers arrive at their destinations and get back on time. Fleet management software should have task management features to effectively make full use of your fleet. Which fleet is going to which destination? Who’s going to drive it and when? Which vehicle needs to get to an upfitter like TCS Upfitting for customizations? With this, you can properly manage your fleet’s uptimes and downtimes, minimizing any possible errors.

GPS Tracking

When managing fleets, knowing where they currently are is very important. Have GPS tracking devices installed on your vehicles. With it, you know that they’re really stuck on the highway instead of idling around. You can also check your driver’s efficiency by the routes he takes to get to his destination. Lastly, it can also serve as a safety feature; in the event of a robbery, you’ll be able to track your fleet’s location.

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Real-Time Performance Tracking

It’s not enough for your fleet to get somewhere and do their tasks. The best fleet management software has real-time performance tracking to make sure your workforce is being efficient. The software should alert you when your teams are doing something wrong or which teams are doing better. It keeps records of any infractions your fleets get, such as speeding. With the data gathered, you can weed out bad-performing workers and recognize those who go beyond their duty.

Vehicle Health Monitoring

Your fleets’ drivers and mechanics know how each vehicle purrs. Let them record your vehicle’s health with your fleet management software. With this, you can track every maintenance done and every problem the vehicle has had. There are also on-board diagnostic tools that connect with fleet management software, offering automatic tracking of everything, from the fuel to the brake fluid. Combined with a GPS tracker, you know when something happens to your fleet in real-time.

Cost Efficiency

It’s important for every fleet management software to maximize efficiency and minimize the errors. They also need to provide you with important data to improve your business’s cost-efficiency. This is especially important for vehicle management. You can check how much you’re spending on repairs and parts replacement. The data can also show which of your mobile assets need to be replaced and sold.

Poor management can lead to inefficiency and unnecessary expenses. Whether it’s the motorbike or the van, your vehicles play a critical role in your business. Make sure that your fleet management software can help you manage your fleet with ease. These are the features to look out for.