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Preparing a Cozy Home for the Winter

Winter can bring the cold to an otherwise exciting holiday. Many still enjoy the frosty breeze that comes with the season, but others like to contrast it with warmth in their homes to make the best of both worlds. Of course, there are many ways to spice things up for this holiday.

But careful and well-thought-out preparations can be made to emit the best cozy feeling for you, your family, and your guests. For this coming winter season, here are some tips to help you make your home feel toasty even when the cold winds outside bring the worst of the season.

Check Your Furnace and Fireplace

To bring warmth to your home, you first have to arrange for a source of heat. Before adding the ambiance, get your heating system working. Check if your furnace needs repairing right before the cold settles. Doing this task early will help you avoid a malfunctioning system that can be a big hassle later.

If you have a fireplace and will also be using it, have it cleaned before you use it. Cleaning the fireplace as well as the chimney helps to prevent fires. Soot and creosote stick to the inside of your chimney after prolonged use. Having a buildup of these flammable materials is dangerous for the entire household.

Add Curtains

Curtains, especially those thicker, more insulated ones, can make a room feel more closed and intimate. Hanging them near windows where the most light shines from the outside also prevents glare and small air gaps from your window panes. Choose one that matches the theme of the room to tie everything up neatly. You can even opt for blinds to more easily adjust the lighting of the room as you need.

Add a Couch

Adding something like a couch to your living room or even your bedroom can make the room homier. When people see sofas, especially those that look soft and fluffy, the mind immediately thinks of relaxation, linking memories of lounging in their own home with nothing to do but sit back and watch the television. Pairing this with matching throw pillows can further enhance the warmth in the room.

Scatter Blankets and Pillows

Blankets and pillows symbolize relaxation, sleep, and peaceful thoughts. Adding these to any room in the home can make people feel more welcome and at home. First, elegantly drape a blanket on your sofa or any chair. Try to find a blanket made of warm material like wool or fleece. Hand-woven or knitted blankets also calm the mind down with their personalized feel. Then add pillows, preferably of the same material or color scheme to make the room look more finished.

Light Some Candles

people in front of a fireplace

Candles help to set the mood in a room. Just like in a romantic dinner, having lit candles can make a setting more intimate, therefore warmer and cozier than it is. You have many candle choices to choose from, both from your local stores and online shops. Some candles can be customized before sending them to you, but you can purchase a candle-making kit that lets you use your creativity.

It is also essential to think about the colors and scents of the candles that you will use. If you are spiritual or superstitious, the colors can mean different things and can evoke different atmospheres. On the other hand, the scents can enhance the ambiance of a space and can even be therapeutic if you select the appropriate one for the season.

Adjust the Lighting

Try to turn the lights down. A dim room can make you feel more mellow and relaxed. The color of the light should also be taken into consideration. Bright white lights can open up a space and stimulate activity which is why most offices use this kind of lighting system. Warmer and yellow-leaning lights might be more appropriate for your warm aesthetic as these can soften the vibe of any room in your house.

With these tips, you should be feeling cozy in your home in no time. Aside from bringing genuine warmth into the interior of your home, you are also stimulating the ambiance of a pleasant winter home with your aesthetic choices. Be sure to prepare nice food and drinks to further elevate the experience when you have your guests over.

Take note that your attitude and welcoming vibes can add more warmth than any of these mentioned items. So bring out the most hospitable host in you and make this winter holiday season the coziest one you’ve ever had.