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Upgrading Your Bachelor Pad Without Breaking the Bank

In this day and age, the capability to own an apartment is in itself an impressive feat for anyone. But while it is great that you have crossed that milestone, you should also not get complacent. Whether you are the type to be fussy about interior design or not, you have to let your home grow with you.

Do not leave the aesthetics of your home behind as the years pass. Home design is not just about appearance. How your home looks has a direct impact on your comfort and relaxation—and no one wants to live in a home that stresses them out every single day they wake up in it.

One major concern of yours may be the budget that goes into bringing your home into the present. But don’t you worry, we have some awesome tips and tricks to help you elevate your home without going beyond your budget.

Begin with the Bones of the Home

Do not start with cosmetic changes. By cosmetic changes, we mean the surface changes that make your home look nicer without doing anything for it structurally. Good bones are the best base for upgraded home.

  1. Redo your drab walls

Poor color choices for walls are an easy way to make your home look dull. On the flip side, good walls are a quick solution that easily makes your room more interesting than it was.

Bring your home to the present by painting the walls a livelier color (that you are comfortable with). You can even add more texture by installing a faux brick accent wall on one side of the space. Just make sure that the accent wall design complements the overall color of the rest of your walls.

  1. Let good lighting work its magic

Good lighting, especially when they work with tasteful room colors, goes a long way in making your room more inviting and lived in. Layer your lighting by installing different light fixtures around the room. Aside from the usual overhead light, add more ceiling lighting and even use well-designed floor lamps to make your rooms more open.

Opening your windows and letting more light in also opens up the space. Natural light brightens up your room, and it is good for your health. The best thing about natural light? It is entirely free, and you have an abundance of it in the daytime.

  1. Mind the size of your furniture

Oversized, clunky furniture can be a big downer for any room. When you live alone, you do not necessarily need to go wild on the size of your furniture. You can choose only a few pieces of furniture to make a small room look bigger, but make sure your choices complement the room’s color scheme to maintain harmony in the space.

You can also mix and match your pieces. You can have a couch, a couple of chairs, and a coffee table to add more style and function to the room. A rug or carpet can also level a space up.

  1. Clean your bathroom

Sometimes, it is not at all a renovation that your home needs. It only requires a deep clean. This is usually true for bathrooms.

When was the last time you replaced your bathroom mat or shower curtain, for instance? These small changes make your bathroom look nicer but also a lot cleaner. Do not spare efforts in scrubbing your walls, floor, and sink because poor cleaning can facilitate the growth of mold.

You can also add a homey touch to the bathroom by having a small plant in it. Aside from the aesthetic value, potted plants can also freshen the air in your bathroom.

Make Your Personality Shine

When you have built a great foundation, you can better add touches that reveal your personality.

  • Decorate using your interests

Are you an avid toy figure collector? Do you love to play instruments? Whatever your hobbies are, the items you own can double as decorations in the home. Be proud of these hobbies and show them off instead of keeping them in a closet to pull out when you need them later.

Decorating with things that interest you is great because it immediately adds layers of character to your home without requiring you to spend on accessories and ornaments. It also saves you the trouble of finding extra storage to stow away your stuff.

Remember that your bachelor pad is not just a place to sleep in. It is a place that reflects who you are, so make sure that it allows you to do just that by keeping it clean and current.