Book A Trip But Don’t Forget To Stay Safe

While most people like to think of Christmas Eve as a chance to spend some time with the family gathered around the fireplace as they give each other gifts, others also consider going on trips and setting a holiday destination as their go-to year-end celebration. But, with the fallout of the pandemic still being a glaring issue today, it’s persuaded many outgoing families to stay at home and retire their itineraries for now.

However, most people fail to realize that there are still ways to travel and make their year-end trips are reality. Of course, you’ll have to exercise extra caution and follow guidelines, but traveling is not impossible; it just takes extra steps and responsibility.

#1 Understanding Travel Restrictions

Number one, you need to understand travel restrictions to certain places that still have a relatively high risk of Covid-19 spread, so as a good rule of thumb, please check your travel risk. Refrain from going to destinations that are densely populated and where you’ll be exposed to large groups of people; look for a place that’s less common but still a great holiday destination.

We strongly advise that you research your intended vacation spot and identify the local safety guidelines to be followed. If all of your holiday destinations are still restricted from travel to this day, we suggest leaving that destination for another time.

#2 Types of Travel

Number three, you need to consider the type of travel or means of transportation you’ll be taking to reach said holiday destination. As much as possible, you’ll want little to no close contact with other people and to keep only to yourself or with your family. Observe proper social distancing rules and stay at least two meters apart from other individuals.

  • Air Travel: For international travel, it’s impossible not to book a flight, but this also means you’ll be in a closed space with other individuals on the plane. Crowded flights will also make it extremely difficult to follow any social distancing rules, as people will be rushing from lines to terminals. So, try to limit any contact as much as possible and stick to uncommon hours to limit the number of people you’re exposed to.
  • Road Trip: For domestic travel, we strongly urge you to go on a road trip as this is the safest form of travel since you’ll only be inside the car and exposed to fellow family members. Try to avoid public transportation, though, because this brings up the same issue as air travel, so stick with a private vehicle. Also, reduce the number of stops you make to avoid any contact with people in convenience stores and the like.

#3 Follow Local Guidelines


Back peddling to the topic of local guidelines, make sure to follow them and make your safety the number one priority. The last thing you want to happen is to test positive and bring it back home; you’ll be endangering not only yourself but the lives of those around you. So, be sure to respect the rules and regulations of your holiday destination.

  • Protective Equipment: While a winter destination requires you to bring along your trusty Bogner’s winter jacket, don’t forget to pack the necessary protective equipment to keep you safe. From face shields to disposable face masks, and even a small bottle of hand sanitizer are all necessary items you’ll want for a trip this Christmas.
  • Testing: Before and after your trip, ensure that you get tested and if it comes out positive, isolate yourself into a personal quarantine over a 14-day period. You don’t want to risk spreading the virus, so please follow public health recommendations.

Weigh Your Options

Overall, travel is not impossible, but it is certainly limited as there are certain guidelines you’ll need to follow. So, before you mark it out of your possible plans, do your research and weigh your options.